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 I’m all about preserving those moments that tell your story.

Whether it’s four feet ankle-deep in mud, tenderly clasped hands, a happy tear cascading over a cheek, a hair-back laugh or a sun-drenched kiss,

The ones that move you. Bind you. Bring you together and keep you together long after the memory fades.

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Brooke and Adam met in court while Adam was representing a client of Brooke’s. Brooke always thought he was so handsome and dressed extra cute when she knew he was going to be in court. Unfortunately, Adam left that position and Brooke was unable to see him. Then a few years went by and they […]

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Ashley and Nathan compliment each other perfectly. As Ashley likes to say. “He’s the calm to my crazy.” When writing these engagement and wedding blogs and learning about all the awesome couples that we photograph I often hear about the various ways that couples are so vastly different but end up fitting so perfectly together. […]

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Anna and Nick took their first long trip together as a couple to Georgia for Anna’s cousin’s wedding. The trip started with Anna breaking her leg taking out the garbage before they left, and the trip ended with a flat tire on the side of the road on a Sunday night. After they made it […]

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From dancing on Champaign’s Historic District cobblestone streets to snuggling in close during the sunset light of a perfect autumn day check out the beautiful moments of Lydia and Kaleb’s love story! Lydia and Kaleb met through the online dating site “Bumble.” There was an immediate connection in the conversation and they decided to meet […]

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Kedryn and Jordan met while playing intramural ultimate frisbee at North Central College in Naperville, IL. Although before officially meeting Kedryn had had her eye on Jordan for quite sometime and was dying to meet him. With that first toss of the frisbee Kedryn and Jordan hit it off instantly. The say that they don’t […]

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Jenny and John’s romantic Chicago engagement looks like it stepped right out of a story book. They have an undeniable connection that was so apparent through out their entire engagement session. Jenny and John met through their mutual love of all things music and theater. At an audition in New York City both Jenny and […]

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Meet Teagan and Michael! They are high school sweethearts and have been together over eight years. They met through mutual friends before Michael’s senior year and Teagan’s junior year and have been together ever since! They both went to Indiana University but had two years of long distance because of their age difference. Even through […]

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Nikki and Kyle look into each others eyes like they’ve known each other their whole lives. Through out their engagement session in Chicago, IL it was clear that their chemistry is undeniable. They both have a sophistication about them; but also a playful side that is so endearing. Nikki and Kyle met through a mutual […]

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