Stacie and Brady Chicago Engagement

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Love always finds its way even when you are not aware of it. Stacie and Brady are from the same hometown. Their families have known each other for many years but they had never been formally introduced until at a wedding in 2017. That was it. They met and it was love at first sight. From then on, there’s been no looking back.

They got engaged and decided to photograph their moments of love and togetherness. This is where I came in. I got this awesome opportunity of becoming Stacie and Brady’s engagement photographer. I totally enjoyed this engagement photography session in Chicago and the resulting photos were amazing.

…Will you Marry Me?

Stacie and Brady were formally introduced through mutual friends at their wedding in 2017. Stacie and Brady hit it off immediately. Stacie told me she was instantly interested in Brady and asked him out. From dates early on, Stacie knew that Brady was a good one and the kind of man she wanted to marry. She felt Brady was dreamy. On the other hand, Brady says he had found Stacie to be very beautiful.

Brady proposed to Stacie on a cozy December evening when they were at their home. He offered to make dinner for Stacie and watch Christmas movies together. He got up to get a glass of water and came back with a ring in hand and said “Will you marry me?”

Stacie says she was completely shocked and couldn’t believe he was serious. The next day, they shared this good news with all of their friends and family.

The Lovely Couple

Stacie loves that Brady is smart and level-headed but doesn’t take himself too seriously. She says Brady has a great sense of humor and always makes her laugh. Brady loves that Stacie is kind and understanding.

Stacie and Brady are both very easy going. They enjoy each other’s company. They love to relax watching shows like The Office. They also like to get out and watch movies. Stacie and Brady are both summer people, they really enjoy being at the pool or at the beach together. Brady likes to watch movies, golf and read. Stacie likes to walk outdoors, shop, and spend much of her free time with her family. Both Stacie and Brady have a passion for the clothing industry and dressing up.

Chicago Engagement Photography

We took to Chicago city for this engagement photography session. I photographed Stacie and Brady with skyscrapers in the backdrop. I took some shots around the Chicago River and a few around attractive buildings.

Belonging to the clothing business with a deep sense of fashion in them, Stacie and Brady wore amazing outfits. I focused on Stacie’s beautiful engagement ring in some of my captures. The black and white photos on the bridge were ethereal.

Stacie and Brady looked much in love and held each other affectionately. They shared cute glances and warm hugs. Celebrating their togetherness, they kissed each other and enjoyed the photography session.

Stacie and Brady thank you for deeming me worthy of photographing your engagement celebration. I love you two. Have a great life ahead!


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