Emily and Mike’s Hotel Zachary Engagement

Hotel Zachary Engagement RACHAEL SCHIRANO photography

Emily and Mike had met at a mutual friend’s place where Emily was impressed by Mike’s sense of humor and Mike liked Emily as a person. Soon, Mike approached Emily to meet up and the rest is history. The two fell in love and got engaged. They decided on an engagement photography session in the winter month of January at Hotel Zachary in Chicago.

I loved being their engagement photographer and spending time with the chirpy, sweet couple. Thanks Emily and Mike.

The First Meeting And Proposal

Emily and Mike met through Emily’s co-workers, Nikki and Andrea, when one of them hosted a watch-party for The Bachelor. Mike texted Emily a couple of months later and asked her to meet up, which led to their first date where they spent about 4 hours talking over Manhattans and old fashioners.

Mike loved how Emily was so nice, funny, and easy to talk to. Emily liked how selfless Mike was.

Mike proposed to Emily in her family’s condo in Florida. He told her that he wanted to pop the question in a place that was significant to her and to them as a couple. They celebrated on the balcony, watching the sunset with a bottle of nice champagne

As a couple, Emily and Mike enjoy their time together, but also have separate passions. Having those separate interests allows them to learn from one another.

The Hotel Zachary Engagement Photography

I captured Emily and Mike inside Hotel Zachary where they could just sit comfortably and relax. They looked at each other with love and held hands. It was a comfy setting for them which helped me get good poses from them.

Emily was dressed in a printed blue dress and Mike matched up with her by wearing a blue tie of the same shade.They looked cute together. I also took a couple of their photographs outside the hotel.

Emily and Mike, you look great together. Thank you for letting me be your engagement photographer. Here’s to happiness in your life ahead!


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