photographic poetry

Transforming your


expressions of love

that stands the test of time.

Whether it’s a sun-drenched kiss, a quiet hair-tuck, or your hands finding each other beneath a table...

The ones that move you. Bind you. Bring you together and keep you together long after the memory fades.

Like home.

Warm, safe, and beautifully imperfect.
Somewhere you can experience the magic of being yourself with each other.
The place your heart always knows to come back to, even when you feel lost and life gives you a hard squeeze.

Because that’s what I’m really here to capture: Posterity

The kind of enduring love that brings out the best in both of you 
while still giving you a forgiving space to learn and grow together. 

And because I get to call framing love my work, 
I feel grateful every day for the couples who trust me to
tell their story with genuine grace and artful simplicity.

Your wedding is only one fleeting moment in the lifetime of memories you’ll share...
One chapter in your love story. 
And it deserves to be documented in a way that speaks to the beautiful future that lies ahead.





My Style & Approach

Look Through My Lens

Subjects Who Love My Lens

explore the wedding experience ⟶

Loves travel and adventure.
Celebrates life and love with fearless abandon.
Cares about capturing the way a moment feels.
For you, what makes this day so special
isn’t found in the details...

THe RS Couple

It’s about the people you’re sharing it with.

From thriving in all lighting and weather conditions
to going with the flow of your dream day,
I bring the calm of 10+ years of photographing weddings.

My experience gives you the space to be presen
with the people who matter most to you, 
so I can preserve those beautiful, unplanned moments

Never Miss a Moment

while you simply savor them.

explore the wedding experience ⟶


My goal isn’t to fit you into some stylized portfolio or
create images that grow my social media following.

Every wedding I photograph has a style and soul of its own, because my intention is to artfully capture who you are….and what you mean to one another. 


My lens doesn’t just see you as you are today. It honors all of your tomorrows ahead.

We’ll collaborate to find those backdrops and details that are not only beautiful, but meaningful to you as a couple, so every photograph is an honest reflection of your love.


You deserve to preserve these moments, so they stick in your heart and grow old with you.

I take impressions of your love and refine them with artful angles, natural lighting, and a timeless composition that’ll hold its impact over a lifetime.

Substance in My Style


where you'll see

If you want stunning portraits that reflect
the artistry of your romance and moment-driven candids of your family and friends,
this is where my photography style sings.

I want nothing more than to see you soaking in the joy of a celebration
you worked so tirelessly to plan
while trusting me to capture the meaning of a moment

Bringing my artistic perspective to your story is a privilege, even if
that means collaborating with fickle lighting,
navigating last minute timeline changes,
or accidentally wandering into poison ivy.
(For me, it’s all part of the fun.)

My heart skips a beat for framing love, champagne toasts, 
window-down car rides, the song of rain, cloud-stacked skies, traveling to new places,
afternoon naps, the way my husband folds me in his arms... 

And I still meaning in motion

Hi, I'm Rachael

And I believe that love is love. 

No matter who you are
or how you got to this moment, 
you deserve to have your love story told
with the utmost care and grace.

Rachael Schirano is an Illinois based wedding photographer who transforms genuine interactions and unplanned moments into romantic artistry. Her passion lies in threading together those intangible wisps of connection that float through her lens and anchoring them in photographic poetry, capturing memories for her clients that make their heart race just as much as being in the moment did. When she’s not photographing couples, you can find her chasing adventures with her family, listening to the ocean waves crash in and savoring salt-licked hair, or exploring art museums and old bookstores.

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