I’m all about preserving those moments that tell your story.

photographic poetry

I’ve fallen head-over-heels for transforming your


expressions of love

that can be revisited in the pages of an album and cherished in your heart.

Whether it’s four feet ankle-deep in mud, tenderly clasped hands, a happy tear cascading over a cheek, a hair-back laugh or a sun-drenched kiss,

The ones that move you. Bind you. Bring you together and keep you together long after the memory fades.

And because I get to call love my “work”, I feel grateful every day for the clients who trust me to
capture the narrative of their day or the soulful symmetry of their bodies.




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Subjects Who Love My Lens

explore the wedding experience ⟶

✓ open-minded and ✓ open-hearted
✓ unapologetically quirky
✓laugh easy and ✓ appreciate the sophistication of simplicity...

if you are:

I love you already.

✗ Pinterest recreations
✗ awkward posing,
or ✗ photographs that spotlight backdrops instead of people...

if you are into:

you’ll probably find my lens incompatible.

explore the wedding experience ⟶


I’m here to celebrate your youness. But also, your togetherness, and the celebration it sparks with the people who matter most to you.

I’ll give you enough direction to cultivate comfort, and enough freedom to make
room for magic and meaning.


I’ll take those intangible wisps of connection that float through my lens and thread them together in a way that has the power to make your heart skip a beat years later. 


And I’ll take impressions of your love and refine them with artful angles, natural lighting, and a timeless composition that’ll hold its impact over a lifetime—without ever overprocessing the rawness of your emotions. 


Even if you think you’re “unphotogenic” or look awkward in photos, I’ll find ways to ease you into silliness, snuggling, starry-eyed stares and smiles galore. 

Nerves or not, I know how to bring out the best in my clients with simple posing cues and engaging activities that inspire authentic interactions and love-filled expressions.


I want to capture who you are when the world isn’t watching. The person you are when you’re hiking together, Sunday brunching together, and cuddling on the couch together with Netflix and your fur babies.


I keep my details dim and I let your story tell itself. Because my real desire is for the focus to be on you, and to make your real moments more memorable, so they’ll stick in your heart and grow old with you.

Substance in My Style


where you'll see

I believe in love at first sight, thanks to my handsome husband. I still have a photograph of the night we met to remind me of those butterflies of beginning.

I see beauty in the chaos. There’s nothing more soul-stirring to me than rumpled hair and sleepy voices in the morning, when my kids are crawling across my bed and sunlight is streaming through the curtain cracks.

I live for family footloose action and transforming everyday floors into dance floors.

I’m captivated by offbeat indie films, I love getting lost in the music of Bon Iver and The Civil Wars, I savor a good Malbec, and I shed a tear at every wedding I shoot.

The natural beauty of the outdoors can still take my breath away—the rise and fall of emerald hills, the cloud-stacked skies, the simple grandeur of bloom-bordered paths, and the postcard charm of farmhouses and barns dotting the countryside. To me, it’s a work of art.

I’m known to follow the call of adventure to ocean ridges and mountaintops.

I'm rachael

Who I Am

And I’m here to protect your moments from getting missed, even if that means falling on my butt in the process, having run-ins with mostly-harmless snakes, or accidentally wandering into poison ivy.

(For me, it’s all a part of the fun.)

Rachael Schirano is an Illinois based wedding photographer who honors sincere smiles, unscripted moments and bare beauty. Her passion lies in threading together those intangible wisps of connection that float through her lens and anchoring them in photographic poetry, capturing memories for her clients that set their heart racing just as much as being in the moment did. When she’s not playing paparazzi, you can usually find her chasing adventures with her family, loitering shamelessly in art museums, or relaxing with an offbeat indie film and good Malbec.

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