Megan & Frank’s Christmas Tree Farm Engagement

Christmas Tree Farm Engagement RACHAEL SCHIRANO photography

Christmas is such a happy time. Be it, kids or elders, all of us love this time of the year. It is definitely a good idea to make this happy time even happier by celebrating important events of your life at this time. Megan and Frank decided to get their engagement photography done early in December. I enjoyed hanging out with them as a couple and photographing them at the Christmas Tree Farm.

A Beautiful Union & a National Park Proposal

Megan and Frank met through a mutual friend, who worked with Megan. Megan and Frank’s workplaces just happened to be next to each other and Frank would often come in and see Megan. The rest is history!

Megan loved Frank’s fun personality and how much he loved to laugh! Frank couldn’t get over how beautiful Megan was and how she even considered a date with him. He also adores her strong sense of humor. Frank loves how passionate, intelligent and caring Megan is in everyday life.

Megan had one of the dreamiest proposals. Frank took her and their pup Larry to Warren Dune’s National Park in Michigan. They climbed to the top of a giant sand mountain that overlooked Lake Michigan and this is where Frank proposed to Megan!

They have been together since 2012.

Megan and Frank like to spend time with their pup Larry and try out new restaurants and breweries. Frank likes to follow his favorite sporting teams and workout. Megan likes to try new crafts and coffee shops.

Christmas Tree Farm Engagement Photography

Megan and Frank looked lovely during their engagement photography session. Megan wore a flowy dark blue gown and Frank teamed up in a grey sweater with dark blue pants.

We did this session at the Christmas Tree Farm in December. It was a perfect venue for this time of the year as the conifers were in full glory. The background looked great with trees all over and some snow beneath.

Megan and Frank are such a lovey-dovey couple that it did not take much effort from me to make them pose a certain way. The poses were natural, the expressions were natural and the photographs reflected the genuine feelings these two shared. The black and white photos came out well. It was a great day with Megan and Frank.

Thank you, Megan, and Frank for making me your engagement photographer. Working with you both was an absolute joy!


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