Katie and Danny’s Illinois Winter Engagement

Illinois Winter Engagement RACHAEL SCHIRANO photography

Katie and Danny love to travel together. It was during one of those travels that Danny proposed to Katie. She found it to be a perfect proposal. The much in love couple then decided to get their engagement photographed. I captured their love on camera in Illinois in the month of January. It was a lovely and relaxing engagement photography session.

Love and Proposal

Katie and Danny went to high school together and grew up in Peoria but didn’t start hanging out until after college. Their mutual friend set them up after Katie expressed interest in Danny. They went out on their first date in 2017 and had an instant connection. It was meant to be after that.

In November 2019, they went to Ireland and traveled around the country. They stopped in Peoria’s sister city, Clonmel. Katie’s uncle owns Jimmy’s bar in Peoria and has a sister bar in Clonmel named Carey’s Pub. They met the locals who are good friends with Katie’s uncle Jim and went to Carey’s Pub. Danny had been emailing them before their trip so they knew about the proposal. Katie felt like home and the proposal was perfect.

Love Everything About Each Other

The first thing Katie thought when she met Danny was that he was a genuine person with a big heart. He had so many great qualities that she admired. The first thing Danny thought when he met Katie was that she was really cute and had a great smile. Danny loves Katie’s laugh because he thinks that it’s infectious and makes him happy.

Katie and Danny like to spend time with their family, friends, and their dog Rocky. They love attending sports events, concerts and shows, together as well as going out for dinner and drinks with friends.

Illinois Engagement Photography

I photographed Katie and Danny with their pet dog, Rocky, and the photos reflected this sweet couple’s bond with him. Next were the captures of Katie and Danny amidst some leafless trees and snow. The two looked so good and their photographs came out well. I got some of the captures around green trees and a woodhouse. The snow made these photos look so cute.
Katie and Danny, thank you so much for choosing me to be your engagement photographer.

Enjoy your time and your happy life ahead!


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