Ashley and Nathan's Wintery Engagement Session | Rachael Schirano Photography

Ashley and Nathan’s Wintery Engagement Session

Ashley and Nathan compliment each other perfectly. As Ashley likes to say. “He’s the calm to my crazy.” When writing these engagement and wedding blogs and learning about all the awesome couples that we photograph I often hear about the various ways that couples are so vastly different but end up fitting so perfectly together. It’s so interesting that we don’t realize all the ways we are needing someone to be the calm to our crazy until that perfect person walks into our life.

Ashley knew she couldn’t let Nathan get away when she realized she trusted him 100% and that he was so greatly different from her normal type of guy. Nathan says he knew that Ashley was the one when she took such good care of him during harvest (he’s a farmer) and she was so understanding of all the long hours. Together they love to play with their dog Kinzie; who definitely had to be apart of their wintery engagement photos. They also both love country music and ice cream; they even hope to have an ice cream truck at their wedding!

The couple took to the great outdoors to get cozy in front of the large pine trees for their wintery engagement photos. Although their engagement session was a little chilly Ashley and Nathan cannot wait for their August wedding. They plan on having a simple but elegant outdoor tent wedding with beautiful rustic decorations of wood accents. With Nathan being a farmer and their shared love of the outdoors it was only fitting that they say their I Do’s outdoors surrounded by all their favorite people.

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