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Carving Out Special Time on Your Wedding Day

You’ve been planning for months! Today is the big day and you can’t wait for all the moments that will make today great; such as getting ready with your girls, walking down the aisle with your dad, saying I Do to the love of your life, and dancing the night away with your family and friends. It will go by in the blink of an eye and if you don’t carve out some time with just you and your honey you may end the day thinking, “Where did our wedding day go?”

Some moments during your day when you might be able to sneak away are:

  1. A First Look: This is a great moment to get out all the nerves before your ceremony and to spend some time really sinking into the blessings of the day. A first look takes the pressure and expectations off of how to act when seeing your honey for this first time in front of all your guest, since it won’t be the first time.
  2. An After Look: Immediately after the ceremony, you proceed down the aisle and directly head around the corner to breathe each other in. This is before a receiving line, before family photographs, before ANYTHING. Find a beautiful location, love on each other and reflect on being married. Have your photographer take some photographs from far away. This results in some of the most real and beautiful images of the day, plus it gives you two a moment to have the magnitude of the experience sink in.
  3. Sunset: Regardless of what time your wedding is or when you plan on doing pictures I highly suggest taking a few moments together at sunset. This is the most magical light of the day..there’s a reason why it’s called golden hour so it’s a must to take advantage of this beautiful time of day. Grab your photographer, and take a second to experience the happiness fully.

Carving out time during your day for just you and your new spouse to soak in the joy that is your wedding day is so important. It doesn’t have to be long, we know you have people waiting to celebrate with you, but just take a quick moment for yourself. Remember exactly how you are feeling, what your bouquet smells like, how he looks; take a mental picture of everything!

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