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Jenna and Josh’s Outdoorsy and Rustic Engagement Session

For these outdoorsy high school sweethearts, outdoor photos were a must-have for their engagement shoot! I had such a fun time getting to know Jenna and Josh during their outdoorsy and rustic photo session. From their loving smiles, covert looks, and genuine laughter, each photo captured the couple’s personality with ease. These two are all heart eyes for each other, and it is so apparent that their love is one that will last a lifetime.

The Love of High School Sweethearts

Jenna and Josh met while in high school and started dating their senior year. Both say that they knew within the first few months that it was meant to be. Josh even says that he knew Jenna was the one after their first date. And boy was he right! Jenna had always said that she wanted to be with someone that go along with her family well and made her laugh all the time. So, when Josh checked off both of those boxes, she knew she had found the one. There is something about high school sweethearts that makes my heart flutter. It makes me so happy to see two people find one another at such a young age, and continue to grow together as a couple into adulthood.

As a couple, Jenna and Josh simply love being with each other. Family is important to each of them, and spending time with their families is a priority in their relationship. Josh appreciates that his future bride is a planner and helps plan out their lives. Jenna adores that Josh makes her laugh all the time…even when she is trying to be mad at him. Key word – trying! Apparently, it’s just too hard to stay mad at her handsome man! Together, they enjoy watching Star Wars, making dinner, eating Italian food, watching shows they both like, and relaxing. And their true sign of real love…Josh lets Jenna eat all the pepperoni off his pizza!

An Outdoorsy Engagement Shoot

Jenna and Josh also love to be outdoors, which made their outdoorsy engagement shoot the ideal session for these lovebirds. Josh enjoys being in the woods and hunting deer, while both enjoy boating in the summer with family. For such an outdoorsy couple, it was only fitting that we snapped some rustic, outdoorsy photos to celebrate their engagement. There was something simply amazing about their photo location. Maybe it was the incredible lighting as the end of the fall day drew near, or maybe it was the simple background of tall grass. Of course, the setting was only enhanced by the unique love that Jenna and Josh share. The combination of it all resulted in breathtaking photos of the couple. You can see with a glance that Jenna and Josh know that they are going to have a lifetime of love and laughter.

These sweethearts plan to tie the knot in September 2019 at Kindred Farms. Pretty soon, we’ll be saying congratulations to the newly married Mr. and Mrs. Behm!

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