Adrienne and Kurt's Colorful Wedding | Rachael Schirano Photography

Adrienne and Kurt’s Colorful Wedding

The theme of Adrienne and Kurt’s July wedding was family. Adrienne says, “We have included family in so many decisions and events. I know everyone has family in their wedding, but our families are so big that there are touches of them in everything.” As far as colors Adrienne and Kurt wen with simple black, silver and ivory and then jazzed it up with incredibly colorful flowers, colorful shoes and blinged out necklaces. Adrienne’s had a vintage inspired ankle length dress that had an urban vintage feel. The dress is so extra special because Adrienne and her mom worked on it together. They took a day trip together and got the fabric and lace from Chicago. Adrienne also used her great Aunt Anne’s purse as a special touch.

Adrienne and Kurt met while they both played competitive ultimate frisbee. They played on different teams but they often practiced together. They were friends for about a year or so before they started hanging out more regularly. It was then that they got more serious and had some pretty serious conversations about babies and relationships; and where we were headed in life. It was through those conversations that they both agreed that it was a relationship worth pursuing.

My favorite thing about Adrienne and Kurt’s wedding was how much fun it was! Don’t get me wrong all weddings are fun but their wedding just had so many colors and special touches that brought pure joy to everyone that attended. From the colorful flowers to the colorful ribbons as they exited the church; to the games, the hokey pokey and wedding bingo at the reception every detail was so full of fun!

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