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Shop the Jenny Yoo Collection

One of the best aspects of wedding planning is dress shopping! Some might find it stressful, but if you find the right place and the right collection, you can have a blast with your girls – searching for your dress and theirs. On the hunt for “the” dress? Or looking for a stylish look for your bridesmaids? Shop the Jenny Yoo Collection in Chicago, Illinois. This sophisticated and chic collection of bridal and bridesmaid dresses are straight out of your wedding dreams, and finding the perfect dress for your big day is so easy!

If you have not yet begun the shopping process, Jenny Yoo should be your first stop. Why? Because at Jenny Yoo, you have options! The philosophy at this modern bridal shop is to “present you with a variety of dresses, incorporating rich and luxurious silks, chiffons, and cottons to create an elegant, feminine, and refined look. Attention to detail, cut, proportion, and workmanship ensures each dress the most feminine and flattering fit.” Through her visionary and creative expression, Jenny Yoo offers a collection of dresses that appeal to every type of bride.

To keep up with the ever-changing wedding industry, Jenny Yoo constantly updates the way she approaches her designs. The Jenny Yoo brand prides themselves on creating a special collection of dresses that evolve with today’s changing trends – for both bridal gowns and bridesmaid dresses.

Besides finding the dream wedding dress, finding the perfect dresses for your girls is so important. When it comes to bridesmaid dresses, Jenny Yoo has it all. We recently did a bridal advice post about the mismatched bridesmaid dresses trend, and Jenny Yoo is the ideal location to get those different, but complementary, dresses that showcase your girls’ personalities, while staying with your wedding theme. The shop even carries the Nabi Convertible Collection, which features the same identical dress that may be worn four different ways – so each of your bridesmaids can get the most flattering look for herself! You can also find a variety of maternity dresses and flower girl dresses that will make everyone in your bridal party – no matter the shape, size, or age – looks great and feels comfortable.

The Jenny Yoo Collection has stores in Chicago and New York, but shopping online is always an option if you are unable make it out east. To see the collection in stores, be sure to book an appointment online prior to your visit. Their Facebook page and website have information for trunk shows and sales – so be sure to keep your eye on those. Who knows, maybe you can find a discount for your perfect dress!

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