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Bridal Makeup Do’s and Don’ts

On your big day it can be hard to determine what to do with your bridal makeup. You want to look natural but at the same time you want to look good in pictures and want to make sure that the makeup lasts the whole night. Let’s dive into some do’s and don’t to make sure you feel beautiful on your special day!

Do: Do your research! With Pinterest and Facebook now more than ever it is easy to see what other brides out there are doing. Start looking into looks that you like and find out what bridal makeup artist is doing them.

Don’t: Go too bold. A big mistake that you can make is to try and go for a bold dramatic look that you don’t normally do. This makes your pictures not really look like you and it doesn’t capture your natural beauty.

Don’t: Do not use self tanner or go tanning the night before your wedding. This may be a no-brainer but the last thing you would want is an orange-y spray tan or burnt skin coming through in your wedding pictures.

Do: Consider the season of your wedding. When picking out lip colors and eye shadows it’s important to consider the season of your wedding especially when doing outside photos. You wouldn’t want some bright pink-more springtime lipstick when it’s snowing outside. The season also depends on how much coverage you need. With a summer wedding you may want to go for a heavier foundation because of the heat; where in the winter you may be able to get away with less blotting sheets in your makeup bag.

Don’t: Don’t just wing it the day of. Amidst all the wedding planning it can be easy to not really think about your makeup until the day of. You may be thinking oh my cousin is really good at makeup I’ll just have her do it and it will be great. While this may be true and she does a great job you still want to make sure you practice. Just like a dress rehearsal at the venue, you also want to do a test run for your hair and makeup so you look just how you envisioned.

Do: Try fake eyelashes! Although we were just saying how you shouldn’t go too dramatic; eyelashes are the exception. They can really add to your look for the day and make your eyes pop in your portraits. There are a variety of eyelashes if you want to keep it simple there are some that just add a little bit of extra length or you can do it up big with thick fake eyelashes. Either way they are sure to make you feel glamorous.

Don’t: Don’t do glitters or shimmers. The light reflecting off your glittery eyeshadow can really look poorly in your pictures. Also be careful when playing with dramatic color; orange may be beautiful in your bouquet but it usually doesn’t photography well and can come off looking too bronze-y in your pictures.

Whatever you choose to do you should feel your absolute most beautiful on your wedding day. Stick with neutral colors that compliment your features and you are sure to feel gorgeous all day long.

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