Brooke and Adam's Outdoorsy Engagement | Rachael Schirano Photography

Brooke and Adam’s Outdoorsy Engagement

Brooke and Adam met in court while Adam was representing a client of Brooke’s. Brooke always thought he was so handsome and dressed extra cute when she knew he was going to be in court. Unfortunately, Adam left that position and Brooke was unable to see him. Then a few years went by and they both joined One day they matched and Brooke’s co-workers encouraged her to continue to talk to him. And the rest they say is history. Brooke and Adam say they knew it was meant to be pretty quickly! They had so much in common and very similar senses of humor; their personalities just meshed together perfectly. Brooke and Adam say they wouldn’t change a thing about their love story. It’s all about timing and everything fell into place perfectly for Brooke and Adam.

Brooke and Adam are very outdoorsy; they love to camp and hike. They try their hardest to be enjoying the outdoors together as much as possible. They also love to go backpacking and travel. They plan on taking a trip to South Africa in May and they are so excited. When thinking about their future together they are most excited to see the world and start a family together.

For Brooke and Adam’s engagement they wanted to showcase their love of the outdoors; even with the chilly weather! Their outdoorsy engagement was made extra special by the addition of their adorable puppy. They bundled up and braved the cold to snuggle up under the pine trees. Their love for each other shown through in those in between moments, the laughs and the warm embraces.

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