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Brooke and Adam’s Outdoor Engagement

Outdoor engagement sessions are the best! Seriously, there is nothing better than snapping photos with a beautiful, natural background. Not only is the environment perfect, oftentimes couples are more relaxed outdoors than they are in a studio. This leads to stunning photos where the individuals’ personalities can really shine through!

For Brooke and Adam, doing an outdoor shoot was a no-brainer. Although they met indoors, this couple is very outdoorsy. These sweethearts met in court while Adam was representing a client of Brooke’s. Brooke always thought he was so handsome, and she took care to dress extra cute when she knew he was going to be in court. Absolutely love that she admitted this, because to be honest, who hasn’t done this when she has an eye on a handsome man! Right, ladies? Unfortunately, Adam eventually left the position, and Brooke was unable to see him for quite some time.

Fast forward several years, and both Brooke and Adam both joined around the same time, and they matched. Obviously, it was meant to be! The rest, as they say, is history. Brooke and Adam say that they knew it was meant to be pretty quickly. They had so much in common, a very similar sense of humor, and both are obsessed with being outdoors. Their personalities meshed perfectly, and they wouldn’t change a thing about their love story. It is all about timing, and everything fell right into place at the right time for Brooke and Adam.

Brooke and Adam are incredibly outdoorsy. They love to camp and backpack and hike, and they try to enjoy the outdoors together as much as possible. Once they were engaged, it was obvious that an outdoor photoshoot was a must for these adventure seekers. Even though it was a little chilly, the shoot was a blast! They bundled up and braved the cold to snuggle up under the pine trees, and even brought their adorable puppy to make it extra special. Their love of each other and the outdoors radiated in every photo. In those in-between moments – the laughs and warm embraces – it was easy to see that these cuties were made for each other.

Of course, their engagement photos are only the beginning! They plan to take a trip to South Africa in May, and they are so thrilled. When they talk about their future, they are most excited to see the world and start a family together. Can’t wait to see where their love story takes this sweet couple next!

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