Anna and Nick's Outdoor Engagement | Rachael Schirano Photography

Anna and Nick’s Outdoor Engagement

Anna and Nick took their first long trip together as a couple to Georgia for Anna’s cousin’s wedding. The trip started with Anna breaking her leg taking out the garbage before they left, and the trip ended with a flat tire on the side of the road on a Sunday night. After they made it through that rough weekend Anna and Nick took it as a sign that their relationship could make it through anything. That was definitely a trip that brought Anna and Nick closer in their relationship, and is a funny memory that they can now look back on and laugh about.

Anna and Nick met on They only texted up until their first date and over text Anna thought Nick was super nerdy (in a cute way!) and Nick thought that Anna was very witty and easy to talk too. They both say one of the things they love most about the other person is how much he/she cares for their family and friends. Anna and Nick eventually realized they wanted to spend more and more time with each other and then came to the conclusion that they never wanted to be apart at all!

Together Anna and Nick love to cook, be outdoors when the weather is nice, watch Wheel of Fortune and spend time with their family and friends. Their most favorite trip that they have been on is a weekend getaway trip to South Haven, Michigan which is where they got engaged. They plan on going back a few weeks before the wedding to have a little retreat and to celebrate a year of being engaged. Anna and Nick can’t wait for their July 2019 wedding! Anna is so excited to see all the decorations come together, and they are both so excited to dance the night away to the band. It is sure to be a special night full of treasured memories. #CheerstotheChumbleys

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