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Anna and Nick’s Outdoor Engagement

Outdoor engagement sessions in Illinois are the best! Not only is the scenery stunning, couples always seem to shine when they are in such a beautiful and natural setting. So, of course I was thrilled when Anna and Nick wanted to do an outdoor engagement shoot.

When asked about how these two lovebirds met, Anna responded that they met the old-fashioned way – on! Her sense of humor was immediately evident to me, and it is one of the things that Nick fell for right away. Before meeting in person, Anna and Nick texted to get to know each other better and instantly felt a connection.

When Anna first met her future spouse, she thought he was super nerdy, but in a manly and cute nerd kind of way. Anna drew Nick in with her wit and by how easy it was to talk to her. To this day, Nick loves that his fiancé is so witty, funny, and goofy. He says that whether they are alone on the couch or spending time with friends and family, she always brings the laughter and entertainment. Isn’t that so sweet? Being a wedding photographer is awesome because I get to learn what a person loves most about their other half. It provides so much insight into the relationship and helps ensure each image captures the couple’s personality!

The dynamic duo took their first long trip together to Georgia for Anna’s cousin’s wedding, and what an adventure of a trip it was! There are moments that define a relationship, and this was certainly one of those for Anna and Nick. Their excursion started when Anna broke her leg…and it ended with a flat tire on the side of the road. While some couples might have struggled through this type of situation, Anna and Nick took it in stride. After enduring a rough weekend, they saw it as a sign that their relationship could make it through anything! Every difficult event brought these sweethearts closer together, and now they can look back and laugh about it.

Although there was no big “Ah-ha” moment when they knew that the other was the “one”, Anna and Nick always wanted to spend more time together. They love cooking, watching the Wheel of Fortune, traveling together, and spending time with family and friends. Of course, they also love being outdoors when the weather is nice – hence the reason for their outdoor engagement session! Eventually, they came to the conclusion that they never wanted to be apart at all. Yay!

To celebrate the next chapter in Anna and Nick’s love story, we headed into nature. The backdrop for the outdoor engagement shoot was gorgeous, but it was nothing compared to the love and laughter between the future Mr. and Mrs. Chumbley. Neither could stop smiling, and it was so sweet to capture the love, respect, and happiness in every passing glance.

These two can’t wait for their July 2019 wedding – of course! It is sure to be a special night full of treasured memories. #CheerstotheCumbleys

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