Ballie and Logan's Allerton Park Engagement | Rachael Schirano Photography

Ballie and Logan’s Allerton Park Engagement

Ballie and Logan meeting was fate. They met online through eHarmony. Bailie had been on eHarmony for 6 months already and was planning on canceling, but she missed the cancel date by two days. Ballie and Logan were matched together the next week, started talking, and had their first date on April 9th. Logan says” I knew within the first hour of our date. I thought I’m done now. Let’s get a ring.” Ballie says, “I texted my mom on our first date and said, I think “I just met my future husband.” Logan was everything that I had been looking and praying for.” Ballie was the first women that Logan met while online dating and she comments how lucky he is that he had to only go on one “online” date. Together they bring out the silly side in each other and they love how committed both of them are to God. They make it a point to honor Him with their lives and their relationship.

An example of their silly side coming out is how Ballie and Logan play fight about who loves each other more. How adorable! When choosing their wedding hashtag it was only fitting that they used #ILoveYouMoore; a pun off of Logan’s last name Moore. I love puns and how it ties into a cute story about them as a couple so this wedding hashtag could not be more perfect.

Ballie and Logan’s engagement pictures were taken in Allerton Park in Monticello, IL. This is the home of the Sunken Garden, beautiful statues, and hundreds of flowers. There really is no place more romantic in Central Illinois than Allerton Park. There is something so enchanting about the nature mixed with man made statues that make it a place of serenity; a perfect backdrop for your love story.

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