Paige and Brian's Urban Engagement Session | Rachael Schirano Photography

Paige and Brian’s Urban Engagement Session

Some people believe in love at first sight; but for Paige and Brian it was more a collection of moments compounded together that ultimately had them thinking; “I’ve found the one.” Paige says she knew that it was meant to be when she saw how well Brian got a long with her family and friends, how well they communicate together and how much she missed him when he wasn’t around. For Brian it may have started when they worked on a group project together their senior year of college. However, it wasn’t until Brian said hello on a Friday night in a popular campus bar that they started talking. Brian had to remind Paige that they had been in the same group project the semester before and Paige hated to admit that she didn’t remember him; but soon after they started dating and became inseparable.  Another moment that helped solidify their affection for each other was after they spent 10 days in Europe together after only knowing each other a few months.

It was important to Paige and Brian to showcase the city that means so much to them during their engagement session. They went to the beautiful streets of Chicago to capture their love story with the backdrop of unique and interesting street art which added an urban and eclectic feel. They traveled to Sawada Coffee to sip coffee at their one of their favorite spots and to Grange Hall Burger Hall to get pictures in front of it’s interesting building. I loved that Paige and Brian chose places that showcased their personalities and spots that were unique and urban; slighting off the beaten path.

Paige and Brian can’t wait to have their March 2019 in Chicago as well. They are most excited about their venue Salvage One; a 60,000 square foot warehouse with eclectic furniture and many unique touches. They can’t wait for their special day because with Brian’s family living in Canada this will be the first time their whole family is there to shower them with love and have fun together!

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