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Evelyn and Daniel’s Traditional Blue, Blush and Ivory Wedding

Evelyn and Daniel’s July wedding was beautiful, traditional and classic. Slightly unlike their meeting which was a little awkward, adorable and funny. Evelyn and Daniel met while working at St Alexius Hospital. Daniel says he doesn’t remember this first meeting, but Evelyn initially spoke to him first. The story is told best in Evelyn’s words so sit back and read about their adorable first meeting, “There is a Starbucks at the hospital. He was in line and I was right behind him. I noticed he had a book in his hand and I was peering sideways at it trying to see what book it was. He noticed I was peering and looked at me funny; as if saying, “Can I help you?” Immediately, I felt my face turn red and said something to the likes of, “Oh sorry. I was just trying to see what book you have in your hand.” He was then very friendly and was like, “Oh no worries. Here, it’s a Star Wars book.” At that time, I had no interest in Star Wars, but took the book to look at it since he handed it to me. When I handed it back to him, I said, “Cool. I know how to read too.” IMMEDIATELY I thought, “Ev you are such a doofis.”….He looked at me like I was a weirdo and said, “Uhh cool.” I was beyond mortified.”

The couple then continued to work at the front desk at their respective departments which happened to be right across from each other. They started speaking to each other when the work flow was slow. Evelyn and Daniel went from being close co-workers, to friends, to dating, to engaged, and to now happily married!

Their July wedding had such a unique blend of traditional touches but with personalized flare. I loved Evelyn’s bridesmaid dresses; all of her girls wore different dresses. Some were gold, some were blush and some were a dusty blue color, and all the styles were different. These were the colors that Evelyn had in her bouquet so it really made her flowers and the dresses pop when taking bridal party pictures! Evelyn’s twin daughters represented the blush colors which was perfect way for them to stand out. Evelyn’s mother walked her down the aisle in her dusty blue mother of the bride dress which was picture perfect. And per Evelyn’s love of flowers her gorgeous blue, pink and white flowers were ever present throughout her and Daniel’s whole wedding day.

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Florist: Flowers for Dreams

Cake Artist / Dessert Designer: The Baking Institute

Stationary / Paper Designer: Stationary Co. Silk & Willow

Band / DJ: DJ4U

Makeup and Hair Salon: Sharon Daniel Salon


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