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Honey Bridal: Dresses for the Modern Bride

Every new bride has dreamed of her wedding day since she was a little girl. She played dress up and grabbed the neighborhood boy to play the part of her groom. She got into her mother’s makeup drawer to make herself look her prettiest for her big day. She danced on her daddy’s toes to imagined music in the kitchen. Finally, she imagined herself walking down the aisle, all eyes on her, looking every bit a princess in her stunning white dress – her dream dress!

The importance of the bride’s dress cannot be understated. She has envisioned this moment her whole life, and the dress must be perfect. The gown should make the bride feel comfortable, beautiful, and completely herself.

As a bride, this might feel like a little bit – or, let’s be honest, a LOT – of pressure. It doesn’t have to be, though. Finding the right bridal shop can make searching for the perfect dress significantly less stressful. So, let me introduce you to a unique and adorable shop located in Chicago that will help make your dress search not relaxed, stress-free, and fun…Honey Bridal! If this your first time hearing of Honey Bridal in Chicago, I suggest you write it down. Seriously. Write it somewhere in big bold letters or across your mirror in lipstick because this is a must-visit bridal store for any to-be bride.

Honey Bridal was started by two sisters, Dana Karloy and Hallie Borden, in an effort to share their passion for fashion, customer experience, and all things bridal. They take pride in bringing a fresh perspective and fun vibe into the bridal market. According to the sisters, they “created a space that embodies the spirit of its Andersonville neighborhood – relaxed, inclusive, and a little bit irreverent.”

In addition to the wonderful atmosphere and superior customer service, the shop carries handcrafted gowns from independent designers. Each dress is unique, beautiful, and tailored for the modern bride who knows who she is and what she wants. How awesome is that? Every bride wants to feel uniquely stunning on the happiest day of her life, and these dresses help you do just that! This quaint bridal shop stocks a wide variety of dresses, from traditional to modern to dazzling to understated. White isn’t your color? Fantastic! Choose your dress from an assortment of other shades and colors. You want a jumpsuit instead of a dress? How fun! They have jumpsuits to choose from as well.

At Honey Bridal, you will not only find a dress that fits your personality, but also enjoy a fun, no-pressure day. There is absolutely no pressure to say “Yes” to the dress. The whole experience is comfortable and fun – simply relax in their cozy chairs, drink cocktails, listen to your favorite tunes, and have fun with your girls while looking for your dress – your dream dress!

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