Lydia & Kaleb's Champaign Historic District Engagement | Rachael Schirano Photography

Lydia & Kaleb’s Champaign Historic District Engagement

From dancing on Champaign’s Historic District cobblestone streets to snuggling in close during the sunset light of a perfect autumn day check out the beautiful moments of Lydia and Kaleb’s love story!

Lydia and Kaleb met through the online dating site “Bumble.” There was an immediate connection in the conversation and they decided to meet up within the first week they were talking. Both Kaleb and Lydia are passionate musicians, so they had a lot in common right off the bat. On their first date, Kaleb and Lydia actually had someone ask them if they were planning their wedding…so of course it was fun to play along; talk about foreshadowing! They both say they knew it was meant to be on that very first date!

When asked what we should know about them as a couple Lydia says, “We feel that what we have is incredibly rare and so precious. We are basically 5 year olds–both so childishly innocent in so many ways…and we never plan to grow up! Blanket forts forever, please! We are so excited anytime a new person comes into our life who we can encourage and help. We are honest. even when it hurts. We are not under the illusion that marriage or even life will ever be smooth sailing. We are committed to facing every, hurdle, challenge, and accomplishment with insane amounts of forgiveness and humor. We are in this for the long-haul.” I love the last part of Lydia’s statement so much. Marriage is hard work and it’s so refreshing that they are aware that not every day will be great but that they are willing to be in this thing called life together. Also who doesn’t love blanket forts?

Kaleb and Lydia wanted to capture their love story in places that helped showcase their personality. We took to the Historic District of Champaign and walked down the cobblestone streets and admired the old houses where they have taken many walks together. We also took some outside nature photos to showcase the time of year and to get some snuggled up cozy shots! Lydia and Kaleb are such a fun couple, so full of life and we can’t wait for their spring 2019 wedding!

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