Kedryn and Jordan's Fun Chicago Engagement Session | Rachael Schirano Photography

Kedryn and Jordan’s Fun Chicago Engagement Session

Kedryn and Jordan met while playing intramural ultimate frisbee at North Central College in Naperville, IL. Although before officially meeting Kedryn had had her eye on Jordan for quite sometime and was dying to meet him. With that first toss of the frisbee Kedryn and Jordan hit it off instantly. The say that they don’t really know when they knew they wanted to be together for the rest of their lives; it was just a factor they both came to know over time, it was something that felt exactly right. Jordyn says the thing that first drew him to Kedryn was her ability to take his sarcasm and give it right back to him. Kedryn says their sarcasm level together is about a 8.75 out of 10. Kedryn and Jordan are playful together which is an aspect of their relationship that is so easy to see in their fun Chicago engagement session. Throughout the day their playfulness and pure joy of being together add such a warm glow to their pictures.

Kedryn and Jordan have been together for six years but we long distance for three of those years. Because of their time apart they say they really cherish the time they have together and have learned how to lean on each other and communicate with each other. They are really great at making the most of their time together and can often be found going on adventures. They both like being outdoors and active; so going to the beach, hiking, or riding bikes are some usual hobbies. They also really like trying out new vineyards and breweries!

Chicago is a special place for Kedryn and Jordan because that is where he proposed! He proposed at Milton Lee Olive Park overlooking the city so it was super important to capture the essence of that special day at their fun Chicago engagement session with a walk along the lakefront as the skyline stood tall behind them. They are both huge Blackhawks hockey fans so this was an important element to capture to help showcase their personality as a couple. I love when couples bring a prop, wear something or go to a special place that helps tell the many pieces of their love story.

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