Carly and Mick's Cozy At-Home Engagement Session | Rachael Schirano Photography

Carly and Mick’s Cozy At-Home Engagement Session

Carly and Mick’s engagement session at their home was cozy and sweet. There is something so intimate and beautiful about capturing a couple in their natural state, just cuddling on the couch and hanging out at home. We also took a trip over to the Barrelhouse 34 in Champaign. This was equally as fun because it showcased Carly and Mick’s personality as a couple. You can totally tell that hanging out, grabbing a beer and laughing together is something they do often. Carly says that Mick is always making her laugh. “Even if I don’t want to, he will do something silly then look over to see the reaction he got out of me. Whether it’s a huge eye roll or I’m trying to hold in my laugh because he previously made me mad, I love that I am always laughing with him.”

Spending the afternoon with Carly and Mick was such a treat. They have a way about them that make you feel like you’ve been friends with them for years. They are truly best friends and they invite you into that relationship with their continued laughter and genuine smiles. Carly and Mick compliment each other so well. They say that they are both pretty outgoing but when one of them is struggling in a situation the other one compliments their insecurities.

Carly and Mick had their wedding in September at Allerton Park in Monticello. If you think their engagement pictures are gorgeous you have to check out their beautiful fall wedding day. Allerton Park is a super unique location on it’s own; with interesting statues and greenery everywhere, but Carly and Mick’s wedding touches made it even more special. Their colors were bush pink and navy. Combining their color theme with the beautiful venue of Allerton Park made their day have a whimsical, elegant and earthy feel.

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