Ellen and Mike's Rustic Charm Engagement Session | Rachael Schirano Photography

Ellen and Mike’s Rustic Charm Engagement Session

They say that distance makes the heart grow fonder; I definitely believe this to be true for Ellen and Mike. Their engagement session was full of rustic charm and lots of love! Currently they are in a long distance relationship with Mike living in Alabama and Ellen living in Peoria, but that doesn’t stop them from having fun. In fact they say it makes them appreciate their time together more and they don’t take for granted the small things that they get to do together; like the simplicity of holding hands or going out to dinner.

Ellen and Mike were in the same class in high school. They reconnected years later after Mike liked a picture of Ellen on Instagram. Mike ended up changing around some plans so he could meet Ellen in Disney World, she was there with her family; so this made for a pretty great first date. On their second date they were already picking out rings. Ellen says, “ We’ve moved pretty fast as far as most people’s standards. Both of us just knew. It’s like he’s my other half, the missing piece of the puzzle. Everything just fits. It’s like we’ve been together all our lives.” Mike says his favorite thing about Ellen is her spontaneity. Ellen loves Mike’s passion and drive.

Disney World holds a special place in the heart not only because it is the location of their first date but also because they are annual pass holders. They even got some great pictures done announcing their save the date on the back of some Mickey ears. Too cute! Ellen says, “it’s a little way to incorporate how big a part Disney played in our relationship.” A really unique aspect of their wedding is that Ellen has been collecting different things at garage and estate sales to decorate with. Mike says he can’t wait to see her rustic and charming vision come to life on their wedding day!

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