Anna and Jeff's Chicago Lakefront Engagement | Rachael Schirano Photography

Anna and Jeff’s Chicago Lakefront Engagement

“We genuinely enjoy being around each other and things are just easy when we’re together!”  If that is not a statement of two people in love I don’t know what is. During Anna and Jeff’s Chicago lakefront engagement session it was clear to see just how much these two care for each other. Some of my favorite pictures are ones where the couples are laughing; these were not hard to come by with Anna and Jeff. Their engagement session along Lake Michigan was full of love and laughter.

Anna and Jeff met at work. After sharing numerous inside jokes and hanging out more and more the two began to develop a great friendship. Early on in their relationship they went to Jeff’s best friend’s  wedding in Florida together. They had such a blast together that it sealed the deal that they were meant to be and soon after they started envisioning their own wedding. Anna says that she loves that Jeff is always the funniest guy in the room. He really knows how to make her smile. Jeff loves that no matter what situation they are in he knows that if he is with Anna it will always be a good time. He says she has an easiness about her that others are drawn too and can hold a conversation with anyone.

Together they love to go to Cubs games, check out local bars, play with their dog Paisley and watch The Office. They also loving sharing books (especially thrillers), watching comedies and going to country concerts. Individually Jeff likes to run, fish, and watch every sporting event possible. Anna likes to read, go to the gym, and watch The Bachelor. No matter what they are doing they are always laughing and enjoying each other’s company. We can’t wait for their wedding in October of 2019.

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