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Brittney and Matthew’s Simple, Classic, and Bohemian Wedding

All I want is you by my side. There is something to be said for simplicity. Brittney and Matthew’s wedding at the Washington Park Gazebo in Springfield, Illinois was simple, classic, and bohemian. This adoring couple kept their guest list small, with fewer than twenty of their closest friends and family. Such simplicity made for a beautifully authentic and unique day that celebrated the couple’s love in a personal way.

Small and Intimate

Brittney and Matthew shared their marriage vows under an adorable gazebo in Washington Park on October 13, 2018. A beautiful fall day. With colors of white and green, the simple bohemian vibe was the perfect setting for these two to pledge the rest of their lives in loving, honoring, and respecting one another. The kept the details simple – no bridal party, a quick ceremony, and a small reception. All of these decisions contributed to keeping the focus on the couple, their love, and their journey together. It was a beautiful, beautiful day!

Picture-Perfect First Look

Brittney and Matthew’s first look was picture-perfect. The rawness of a first look always takes my breath away, and these two were no exception. Capturing someone seeing the love of their life on the best day of their life is a moment that you can’t replicate. It is different for every couple. Some couples cry, others giggle uncontrollably, some just look at each other like they are the only two people in the world. As for Brittney and Matthew, they only had eyes for each other. The smiles, the laughs, the happiness, and the awe – perfection!

Simple, Classic, and Bohemian…Just Like They Wanted!

In today’s world, there are couples who sometimes feel forced to have a large, grandiose wedding – whether by society, their families, or because they don’t want to leave anyone out. I mean, think about it. The average cost of a wedding these days is nearly $35,000. For one day! While this might be the perfect way to celebrate the next chapter in one couple’s life, it might not be the ideal wedding celebration for another. That is why I think it is so refreshing that Matthew and Brittney kept to their roots and planned the wedding of their dreams. These lovebirds didn’t cave to expectations from anyone else. They wanted an intimate ceremony and reception where they could focus on each other, live in the moment, and not feel pressured to entertain. And let me tell you, the outcome was pure magic!

Congratulations Brittney and Matt! May your lives be full of adventure, love, and endless joy.

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