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Brittney and Matthew’s Bohemian and Classic Wedding

There is something to be said for simplicity. Matthew and Brittney’s wedding was simple, classic and a little bohemian. The couple kept the guest list short with a total of sixteen of their closest family and friends. They got married at an adorable gazebo in Washington Park in Springfield, IL. Their colors were white and green which definitely added to the simple and bohemian vibe of their day. They had no members of their bridal party, which kept the focus all on them for their special day.

In a world where couples are sometimes required to have large weddings whether that’s because of a large family or because of the pressure to have a big party I think it is so refreshing that Matthew and Brittney kept to their roots and had the exact day they wanted; without expectations from anyone else. Their first look was picture perfect. The rawness of a first look always takes my breath away. Capturing someone seeing the love of their life on the best day of their life is a moment that you can’t replicate and is different for every couple. Some couples instantly start crying, again from the rawness from the moment. And others giggle uncontrollably, I think from the pent up nervousness of the lead up into the moment. Either way it always makes for adorable photos.

The bohemian and classic style of Brittney and Matthew’s day was ever present in all aspects from the simple color scheme to Brittney’s beaded dress; even their cake and centerpieces were beautiful in a classic, understated way. Everything about their day was gorgeous and the simplicity gave it a whimsical feel. Congratulations to Brittney and Matthew!

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