Lauren and Paul’s Surprise Chicago Wedding

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Love is what happens when two hearts find their happy place right beside each other. Lauren and Paul found their happy place beside each other and decided to stay together forever.

Lauren and Paul got married in Illinois in November in the presence of some family members and friends. I am glad that they gave me the opportunity to be their wedding photographer.

The Love Story

Lauren and Paul met at a party through mutual friends. Paul jokingly says he had winked at Lauren then, but Lauren doesn’t really remember it.

The thought which Paul had when he first saw Lauren was that she looked ‘beautiful’, while Lauren was more concerned if she had upset Paul by coming late to the party.

After a few conversations and meetups, Lauren and Paul realized that they were meant for each other. One fine day, Paul flew to Arizona where Lauren was living at the time and surprised her at her apartment door by getting down on one knee in a shirt, a tie, and his flamingo pants

Together as a couple, Lauren and Paul love going out to eat and working out. They love traveling and keep planning for their future trips. They also like cuddling and watching Netflix together.

Lauren And Paul’s Wedding Photography

For her wedding Lauren wore a beautiful flowy white gown, her glittery silver footwear looked amazing. She also adorned herself with a bracelet, pearl earrings, and a pretty hair accessory.
Her nails were done up so well in purple and golden nail paint, adding a pop of color to her look.

Paul was handsome in his black suit, black shoes, lovely cufflinks, and a watch. Lauen and Paul looked fabulous together. Their first look was so heart-touching. Paul’s emotions got the better of him when he saw Lauren looking so beautiful in her bridal attire.

I got a good chance to photograph Lauren and Paul amidst conifers and a lot of greenery before they proceeded for the ceremony. These captures spoke of true love. Lauren and Paul’s intimate moments made for great pictures.

I captured Lauren and Paul on a bridge and in each other’s arms looking lovingly at each other. Later, I photographed them with their family members and among friends. Their wedding ceremony was simple and their reception was so elegant. Lauren and Paul’s wedding cake looked so cute with two little turtles sitting atop. It said ‘Maui’d’ as Lauren and Paul had planned for a honeymoon in Maui.

There were traditional dances, speeches, and good food at this wedding. Everyone enjoyed it a lot. Later, Lauren and Paul changed into a little casual party dressing.

Lauren and Paul, I love you both so much. I enjoyed capturing every bit of your wedding. It was so much fun. Congratulations to you!

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