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Meet the Preferred Vendors of Bluestem Hall

One of the most significant choices a bride and groom has to make about their wedding is the venue. As the setting for the ceremony and entertainment, the wedding venue is key to creating a romantic atmosphere and highlighting the couple’s personality. Each venue also has its own preferred vendors – think catering, flowers, photography, and more – to assist in the wedding planning process.

Bluestem Hall is one such wedding venue that not only provides a classy and romantic ambiance, but also a selection of preferred vendors that will help make planning your wedding much simpler. Built in 1963, Bluestem Hall is an elegant and historical wedding venue located in Urbana, IL within the Barnhart Prairie Nature Preserve. Part of its charm comes from the original wood and metal interior, while the gorgeous cedar siding, indoor twinkly lights, and breathtaking views of the prairie create an enchanting setting for the happiest day of your life.

Meet a few of the preferred vendors that will help make your wedding at Bluestem Hall even more magical!

At times, it might seem like finding the perfect floral arrangements is a daunting task. Luckily, Audra from Finding Eminence makes this process easy. At Finding Eminence, most of the flowers are grown on the family farm, which contributes to the superior quality, fragrance, and longevity of your wedding flowers. Audra puts her heart and soul into her creations, and she has an incredible eye for the small details that makes each arrangement so special. She truly cares about each project and puts incredible effort into making every arrangement reflect the love and personality of the to-be newlyweds!

Next, we have Emily from Dashwood. The beauty of a wedding lies in the details, and Emily specializes in handmade details when it comes to stationary, paper, and signs. After designing her own wedding invitations, she knew that this was what she was meant to do. She focuses on simple designs, keeping her work clean and edited. In her own words, she believes that “simple is best” and her heirloom-quality stationary feels “intimate yet relaxed.” Her work breathes life and love into an intimate and romantic wedding ceremony!

Finally, Bluestem Hall identifies Sara from Sara Gardner Photography as one of its preferred vendors. As a photographer specializing in honest photos, Sara focuses her camera lens on capturing real-life moments, rather than stiff posing. She easily catches the genuine love, light, and laughter of the happy couple, family, and friends on the big day. Her style makes a huge impact on the quality of photos that you will have to look back on years from today!

These three are just a few of the preferred vendors at Bluestem Hall. From these vendors and others to its special touches and expertise, this venue helps you ensure your wedding day is one to remember. Everything shines a little brighter, loves a little bigger, and laughs a little louder at Bluestem Hall!

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