Jenny and John's Romantic Chicago Engagement | Rachael Schirano Photography

Jenny and John’s Romantic Chicago Engagement

Jenny and John’s romantic Chicago engagement looks like it stepped right out of a story book. They have an undeniable connection that was so apparent through out their entire engagement session. Jenny and John met through their mutual love of all things music and theater. At an audition in New York City both Jenny and John were told by fellow colleagues “You have to meet John” or “You have to meet Jenny!” Finally through various callbacks they meet! To quote Jenny’s words “I finally met the man that would eventually cast me in the role of his wife.” They knew early on that they shared a love for each other that would last a lifetime. Jenny’s first impression of John was that she was blown away by his professionalism and connection to every musician in the cast. She says, “He is the most talented and considerate man I have ever met and that came across right away.” She also says she loved his British accent! John loves how much fun they have together and that Jenny can make him laugh.

Together John and Jenny have a zest for life. They have both have multiple passions such as landscaping for John and a nutritional chef for Jenny. Because of their many passions Jenny and John have a deep understanding for each other and how their many hobbies play into each other’s lives. They are the happiest when they are traveling and together they have been all over the world. John is originally from the Northeast of England so they have traveled there a few times along with Dublin, Paris, Bologna. In the U.S they’ve been everywhere from Napa, San Francisco, San Antonio, Orlando, Maine and of course NYC.

John and Jenny say they are one of those couples that really excel the most when they are together. This was very apparent during their romantic Chicago engagement session. Their connection, love and respect for one another is one of a kind.

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