Rachel and Patrick’s Outdoor Champaign Engagement

It was love at first sight for Rachel and Patrick. After their first date, they just knew that this was going to be something special. Patrick proposed to Rachel and they got engaged. Soon they decided to include me in their engagement celebration and make their moments of love last forever. It was September and the weather was pleasant for a great outdoor shoot. On Rachel’s idea, we did this session in Champaign, Illinois, where the two had first met and went on many outings with friends. It was an awesome session and I loved my time together with this great couple for their Champaign engagement.

How They Met

Rachel and Patrick met via dating app bumble! Their first date was in July 2017 in Champaign at Big Grove Tavern and then at Barrelhouse 34. Both agreed on looking for a serious relationship and someone who was marriage material. Post their first meet, both wanted to see each other again. Soon they had their second date. They kept meeting often from then on. When they celebrated Christmas together that year with Patrick’s family, they had so much fun together. Patrick’s family was kind and welcoming towards Rachel. Now, Rachel says she can’t wait to celebrate all her Christmases with Patrick and his family.

Rachel told us they had gone out together to shop a ring, so she got excited and thought Patrick was planning to propose to her. However, Patrick played smart and convinced her that it was not going to happen any time soon. When she was convinced and not expecting it to happen, Patrick went down on one knee and proposed to her. Rachel was surprised and elated. She said yes!

As a couple, Rachel and Patrick like to watch Netflix, see movies at the theater, go on walks with Maggie, their dog, and spend time with friends. Rachel feels she can always count on Patrick and loves his kindness and generosity. Patrick is gaga over Rachel’s pretty eyes and her smartness. He also likes it when she laughs at his jokes.

Together they are really excited about their wedding. The dresses, food, band and all the fun.

Rachel and Patrick’s Champaign Engagement Photography

I have always said that outdoor shoots are one of my favorites. There is so much to experiment with. You have different backgrounds; you can play with light and the hues of nature. This is exactly what I did in this session. All the photographs came out great and reflected the couple’s love so well. I also accommodated Maggie, the couple’s dog, whom they love so dearly. Their bond with Maggie was clearly visible. These photographs will always reflect Rachel and Patrick’s true love. I am happy that I got to photograph these precious moments for them. I wish this lovely couple a happy and ever-lasting relationship! 


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