Maddy & Daley’s Allerton Park Engagement

Allerton Park Engagement Rachael Schirano Photography

It is always exciting to capture couples outdoors, and especially when there is lots of greenery around. I love to play with the light and the greens at such photography venues. Maddy and Daley decided on Allerton Park for their engagement photos and it was such a great session. Maddy and Daley’s love and laughter made the photographs come out so cute.

Falling in Love & A Shoreline Proposal

It was a few years ago that Maddy and Daley met through some mutual friends. They liked each other at the very first instance. Daley thought that Maddy was a cool girl to hang out with. She was fun-loving. Meanwhile, Maddy felt Daley had the best smile she’d ever seen. After a few meetings and conversations, they just knew that it was love. Now, they have been together for the past seven years and are all set to wed soon.

The proposal took place when Maddy and Daley were at Madeira Beach in Florida with Daley’s family. They had planned to go on a cruise as usual but were running late for it. Daley’s brother, Zach, kept asking them to get a picture on the beach before they left. Maddy was not keen on it but Zach insisted. After Maddy and Daley took pictures of Zach with his girlfriend, Daley asked Zach if he could take theirs. As Zach was taking the picture, Daley got down on one knee and proposed to Maddy. Maddy says it was dreamy and she is happy that it was captured on camera. So I knew I needed to get even more dreamy photos for their Allerton Park engagement!

Allerton Park October Engagement Photography

Maddy and Daley celebrated their love and engagement with full excitement at Allerton Park (website). This romantic couple posed like pros. The reddish hue to the leaves made their photographs look so beautiful. 

They walked hand in hand as they spoke to me about each other’s qualities. Maddy said she loves Daley’s sense of humor and his kindness towards strangers, Daley said he is fond of Maddy’s sarcasm and optimism. Their love for each other reflected in their photographs. They held hands, hugged, kissed, smiled and looked wonderful in their pictures.

I wish this lovely couple many more smiles and a great life ahead!


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