Victoria & Joris’ Summertime Illinois Engagement

When two people find silence between them comfortable and not awkward, that’s when you know the level of their unparalleled comfort with each other. With Victoria and Joris, it is not just comfort, but understanding for each other and above all, deep love. Their ease with each other made their Illinois engagement photography session so exciting and so much fun.

College Sweethearts to Life Partners

Victoria and Joris both met while attending the University of Illinois. Soon they turned from classmates to love birds and are now eagerly waiting to be wed this October.  

You could almost say it was love at first sight for these two. Joris is head over heels in love with Victoria’s kindness and Victoria adores Joris’ knowledge and sweet nature. This summer Illinois engagement photography session with Victoria and Joris was such a pleasure. Their love clearly reflected in all their poses and photographs.

Similarities Brought Them Closer

It is said that opposites attract but this was not the case here. Their similarities drew Victoria and Joris towards each other. Both of them are introverts. Both of them like relaxing music. Both of them are fans of Italian and Chinese food. Their idea of a perfect date is a movie night with a great pizza as compared to a loud outing. Both of them also love cats and plan to open a no-kill animal shelter in the future. 

This lovely couple says they do not need a lavish candle-lit dinner to express their love for each other — a bike or a motorcycle ride together works just fine. Sharing silence around greenery and some cool breeze connects them better than anything. Taking their cats out for a walk together is one of their favorite times of the day. 

Victoria and Joris’ Illinois Engagement

To celebrate this couple’s togetherness, we decided to follow Victoria’s ideas for their engagement photography. There was lots of greenery and tons of romance. The whole session was about loving glances, looking into each others’ eyes, giggling, holding each other, kisses and intimate moments. Victoria proudly showed off her engagement ring in many of the pictures. The photographs came out so cute.

I can’t wait to photograph this couple’s Wisconsin wedding in October. It’s going to be a blast! Until then, thank you, Victoria and Joris for letting me capture this intimate summertime Illinois engagement! 


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