Marie & Jeremy’s Urbana Engagement

I love when best friends become more. When love blooms from friendship, you know it is rooted in a strong foundation. That’s how it is for Marie and Jeremy. These two have such a beautiful friendship and love that it was so much fun to photograph their Urbana engagement session. Their love and their laughter made this such a memorable engagement session. Here’s their Illinois love story!

Marie and Jeremy’s Urbana Engagement Session

This sweet couple met in Champaign while they were both students at the University of Illinois. Jeremy and Marie met when Jeremy was a sophomore and she was a freshman. During the first couple of months of the school year, Jeremy hosted a pre-game at his apartment before a concert. Marie walked in and Jeremy was immediately drawn to her. Marie was drawn to Jeremy’s laugh and sense of humor. In retrospect, that night they both missed signs that they were interested in each other. The two stayed in the same social circle throughout college.

During Jeremy’s senior year and Marie’s junior year, Jeremy invited her to another pre-game. Finally, both single at the same time, they talked all night. At the bar, they went back and forth daring the other to embarrass themselves. The one they both remember fondly is daring the other to do the “Elaine Dance” from Seinfeld! From there, their first date was at Courier Cafe in Urbana, IL for milkshakes. While Jeremy hates milkshakes, he knew Marie loved them! They knew they had something special. From college dating to long-distance dating to both living in Missouri to now living together in Bloomington. Their love continued to evolve. Five years later, at the site of their first date, Jeremy proposed over breakfast at Courier Cafe.

A Romantic Courier Café Proposal

Jeremy is an expert when it comes to surprises. Unbeknownst to Marie, months before their engagement, he asked her parents for their permission to marry her. Jeremy went with her mom, sister, and best friend to look for the perfect ring for Marie. The “dreamteam” (as they called themselves) helped him design a ring based on all the things Marie wanted in a ring. During this time, he also stopped at the Courier Cafe, where they helped him to plan the perfect engagement.

That fall, Jeremy put a plan in motion to have both of their families and their close friends surprise Marie in Champaign for the engagement. Marie’s sister devised a lie so good that Marie thought it was her own idea to go to Champaign for the weekend and the plan was set into motion. While Jeremy and Marie “waited” for Marie’s sister and her boyfriend to meet them in Champaign, they decided to grab breakfast at Courier Cafe. As they were seated, Jeremy’s brother, in disguise, hid two booths back behind Marie. He got into position to capture the proposal. Unfortunately, Jeremy has a habit of smiling and fake yawning when he’s nervous… And of course, that is exactly what happened.

Instead of the speech he had in his head, Jeremy talked quickly and proposed. After she said yes, they moved tables to the back where their parents were waiting! After breakfast, Jeremy convinced Marie to go to a local bar to watch a football game. When they walked in, as planned, their extended family and friends were there to surprise Marie. Everyone celebrated the proposal together the rest of the night.

Beautiful Urbana Engagement Photography

Jeremy and Marie like to have fun together and try not to take life, or each other, too seriously. When I got to meet up with them for their engagement session, I could tell right away that was the case. I loved how they could laugh together. As soon as we started taking pictures, these two were making each other crack up. Since they met in Champaign and got engaged in Urbana, I made sure their engagement photos walked through the history of their relationship. The locations we chose were meaningful to them as a couple. Of course, that meant we had to go back to where it all started, Courier Cafe!

Marie and Jeremy, I loved photographing your love! I am so excited to be the wedding photographer for your August wedding!


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