Nikki and Kyle's Chicago Spring Engagement | Rachael Schirano Photography

Nikki and Kyle’s Chicago Spring Engagement

Nikki and Kyle look into each others eyes like they’ve known each other their whole lives. Through out their engagement session in Chicago, IL it was clear that their chemistry is undeniable. They both have a sophistication about them; but also a playful side that is so endearing. Nikki and Kyle met through a mutual friend and they just knew that it was meant to be! They have similar taste in music and hobbies; so one of Nikki first thoughts was that she was excited that they had so much in common. Kyle’s initial first impression of Nikki was that she is very funny, intelligent and attractive.

Together they like to spend their time traveling. Nikki can’t wait to take Kyle on a trip to Europe because he has never been. Although they have not been to Europe together they have been almost everywhere else, or that’s a least how it feels! Their list of places they have visited is continuing to grow all the time. They include Punta Cana, Los Cabos, Playa Mujeres, Costa Rica, Lake Geneva, New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Alabama, Georgia, Bahamas, Napa, and Sonoma. Nikki says that one of her favorite thing about Kyle is that he’s a great travel companion. Along with traveling Nikki and Kyle enjoy watching scary movies, spending time with family, cocktail bars, wine tasting, watching tv & trying new restaurants.

Their August 2018 wedding took place in Bloomington, IL because that is where Nikki is from. But they have both lived in Chicago for more than seven years. Nikki says, “ the city is so close to both of us and we had some amazing first dates and first years dating here together.” To honor their love of the windy city it was only fitting that the Chicago skyline act as the backdrop to their beautiful engagement session.

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