Ilana and Ben’s Urban-Chic Chicago, IL Wedding

A sweet ending to a new beginning!

Ilana and Ben’s Urba-Chic wedding in Chicago, IL on September 2, 2018, was a day to remember. From the venue at Revel Fulton Market to the intimate details, their wedding day was full of elegance, sophistication, and so much fun. As their wedding photographer, I enjoyed the incredible experience of capturing the magical moments from big to small of their once-in-a-lifetime day.

A Chicago Love Story

These sweet lovebirds met in Chicago in 2013. They grew up living only 15 minutes from one another in Madison, but never met until a mutual friend was in town and they all got together to watch a college football game. Ilana says it was she who picked Ben up, despite it being the middle of “Movember” and Ben had (in Ilana’s words) a disgusting mustache. Haha! I just love these kinds of anecdotes that lead to lifelong love stories. These are the fun things that they will be telling their friends, family, kids, and even grandkids one day! While their relationship was a big of a slow burn, they finally really hit it off one snowy evening. They grabbed dinner, sat at the bar extremely casual, and just talked for hours. Who knew that would one day lead to their chic-urban wedding!

A Chic-Urban Wedding

Ilana and Ben wed in a beautiful fall ceremony in Chicago. With colors of white, green, and gold, the day radiated with an urban-chic vibe – perfect for this Windy City couple! The Revel Fulton Market, where they had both the ceremony and reception, is an urban-chic warehouse that added to the atmosphere. The entire day was full of special details that made their wedding celebration truly unique. From an upbeat father/daughter choreographed dance to Uptown Funk, sparkly Kate Spade Keds, and the knotted Tiffany Co. cufflinks, it was clear that every aspect was decided with so much love and care.

A Wedding Full of Jewish Traditions

The most unique aspects of Ilana and Ben’s special day, however, were the ways that the newlyweds chose to honor their Jewish heritage. It is always so wonderful to see time-honored and religious traditions incorporated into weddings, especially if they are near and dear to the couple’s heart. It makes the celebration more meaningful and personal, and simply adds to the wonderful memories the newlyweds have of their big day. The traditions began with the couple signing the Ketubah, a Jewish wedding contract, before the ceremony intimately surrounded by close family and friends. At the ceremony, Ilana and Ben met under the Chuppah filled with vines and white flowers to say their vows and declare their love for one another with their parents and siblings by their side. Later, while dancing the night away at the reception, Ilana and Ben grinned ear to ear as they were hoisted in the air during the Horah and their guests laughed and danced around them.

This day was so elegant, romantic, sophisticated, and fun. It was easy to see from the looks in their eyes and their effortless smiles that Ilana and Ben have an extraordinary type of love for each other. It was this, along with honoring their Jewish heritage, that made the day so perfect, unique, and magical. Cheers to this sweet couple as they embark on their new adventure together!

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Caterer / Cake Artist: Limelight Catering

Stationary: Mint & Lovely

Décor: Revel Decor

Band: Ken Arlen Evolution Orchestra

Makeup Artist: Joey Claeyssen (Instagram: @joeysoluvly)


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