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 I’m all about preserving those moments that tell your story.

Whether it’s four feet ankle-deep in mud, tenderly clasped hands, a happy tear cascading over a cheek, a hair-back laugh or a sun-drenched kiss,

The ones that move you. Bind you. Bring you together and keep you together long after the memory fades.

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Brooke and Adam met in court while Adam was representing a client of Brooke’s. Brooke always thought he was so handsome and dressed extra cute when she knew he was going to be in court. Unfortunately, Adam left that position and Brooke was unable to see him. Then a few years went by and they […]

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For Lindsey and Bryce’s June wedding they took it back to their country roots with a rustic country themed wedding complete with cowboy boots, wooden decor and wildflowers. Their wedding was at Wildlife Prairie Park near Peoria, IL and it was the perfect place for Lindsey and Bryce to say “I Do.” When asked what […]

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Ashley and Nathan compliment each other perfectly. As Ashley likes to say. “He’s the calm to my crazy.” When writing these engagement and wedding blogs and learning about all the awesome couples that we photograph I often hear about the various ways that couples are so vastly different but end up fitting so perfectly together. […]

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Have you ever taken a look at your mom’s wedding album and cringed at the poofy pink dresses with way too much tulle, huge sleeves and the matching wide brimmed hats to top it off? Lucky for us bridesmaid dresses styles have come a long way. Gone are the days of the matching bridesmaid dresses, […]

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Kaylyn and Josh are high school sweethearts. Kaylyn would see Josh in the hallways at school and always thought he was cute. When they first started talking at an after prom party, Kaylyn thought he was very funny, and a little bit nerdy. Josh had seen Kaylyn at one of her basketball games before and […]

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Anna and Nick took their first long trip together as a couple to Georgia for Anna’s cousin’s wedding. The trip started with Anna breaking her leg taking out the garbage before they left, and the trip ended with a flat tire on the side of the road on a Sunday night. After they made it […]

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There is no doubt that you will end up needing something you didn’t think you would need on your wedding day. It’s a super long day, there’s a lot going on and you are wanting to look your best; that’s why you need to prep your wedding day emergency kit early so you are prepared […]

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Brittany and Matt are college sweethearts. They met at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale the very first weekend after Brittany moved in. Matt had a party at his apartment and they had mutual friends so Brittany wound up there. Both Matt and Brittany say they knew it was meant to be after they got through […]

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