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 I’m all about preserving those moments that tell your story.

Whether it’s four feet ankle-deep in mud, tenderly clasped hands, a happy tear cascading over a cheek, a hair-back laugh or a sun-drenched kiss,

The ones that move you. Bind you. Bring you together and keep you together long after the memory fades.

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Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Milovanovic, straight from their sophisticated wedding! Nicki and Kyle met through a mutual friend, and they knew it was meant to be. When you know, you just know! Kyle’s initial first impression of Nicki was how funny, intelligent, and attractive she is. Nicki loved that they seemed to have so much […]

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One of the best aspects of wedding planning is dress shopping! Some might find it stressful, but if you find the right place and the right collection, you can have a blast with your girls – searching for your dress and theirs. On the hunt for “the” dress? Or looking for a stylish look for […]

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Adrienne and Kurt tied the knot on a beautiful summer day in July. It was a colorful wedding for a colorful couple! Ultimate frisbee was what ultimately brought this dynamic duo together. Adrienne and Kurt played on different teams, but they often practiced together. They were friends for about a year before they started hanging […]

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Outdoor engagement sessions are the best! Seriously, there is nothing better than snapping photos with a beautiful, natural background. Not only is the environment perfect, oftentimes couples are more relaxed outdoors than they are in a studio. This leads to stunning photos where the individuals’ personalities can really shine through! For Brooke and Adam, doing […]

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Nothing like taking it back to those country roots, which is exactly what Lindsay and Bryce did for their June wedding. For a couple that loves everything country – from hunting to fishing to boating to being outdoors – this rustic country wedding is exactly the party they wanted to celebrate their marriage! It all […]

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Wintry engagement sessions are so much fun! Every couple is different, and every love story is full of its own unique chapters full of twists, turns, and memories. For Ashley and Nate’s wintry engagement session, I got to know this sweet couple that complements each other so well. As Ashley likes to say, “He’s the […]

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Yay for backyard weddings! A backyard wedding is just the perfect ceremony for a couple of high school sweethearts. And Kaylyn and Josh obviously felt that way, too! If you are like me, you absolutely love to hear a good love story. It is especially amazing to meet couples whose love blossomed early and continues […]

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Outdoor engagement sessions in Illinois are the best! Not only is the scenery stunning, couples always seem to shine when they are in such a beautiful and natural setting. So, of course I was thrilled when Anna and Nick wanted to do an outdoor engagement shoot. When asked about how these two lovebirds met, Anna […]

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