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Should You Hire a Videographer?

A lot goes into planning a wedding. When you start calculating costs of the venue, decorations, catering, music, photographer, etc., it starts to add up. You start to think about what you can and cannot live without on your big day, but sometimes it can be difficult to figure out what does and does not matter.  It might even be stressful. But planning your wedding shouldn’t be stressful! After all, your wedding is supposed to be happiest day of your life, and you should spend it focused on your to-be spouse, your love, and the life you are about to embark on together!

With that in mind, I would strongly encourage you to hire a videographer. Hiring a videographer to film your big day is a relatively new trend in the wedding world, and as such it might be something you want to cut from your budget. You already have a photographer, why add an additional expense? Well, trust me, videographers are most definitely worth the money! They catch moments that cannot necessarily be captured by a still photo. They provide different perspectives and broader dimensions that will help you recall specific moments from your wedding day years in the future.

Here are a few other reasons that you should include a videographer in your wedding budget:

  1. Your wedding day will fly by. It can be a whirlwind of speeches, dancing, sweet experiences, and shared moments. A video captures those in-between times that you might have missed. A precious look between you and your honey, your parents dancing, or your flower girl skipping down the aisle and dropping her basket of flowers. Years from now, it will be nice to have a video to look back on and remember the specifics of the day.
  2. A video captures sound. Pictures are amazing, of course, but they do not capture sounds. A videographer can catch your dad’s emotional speech or the carefree chatter between you and your girls as you get ready. These are cherished moments.
  3. You can bring back treasured family memories in an instant. In the future, you might long to hear your grandmother’s laugh again or see her mannerisms. Your videographer will create a time capsule of sorts, preserving a special moment in time. Having access to these beautiful experiences years after they happened is something wonderful and unique that cannot be recreated through photographs.
  4. Videos offer a different perspective. There are some parts of your wedding that you will not be present for in real time, like the guys getting ready or your girls walking down the aisle before you. With a videographer, you won’t have to miss these events. This new perspective lets you experience the entire wedding day – not just your shining moments!
  5. You will regret it if you don’t! Not having professional video footage is quickly climbing to the top of the wedding regret list. While it can be expensive, it is something you will never regret having for when you want to relive the happiest day of your life.

So, what do you think…will you hire a videographer for your big day?

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