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Unique Unity Ceremony Ideas

The Unity Ceremony is such a meaningful part of your wedding ceremony; and while the unity candle is a tried and true tradition some modern brides are opting into some other unique unity ceremony options. Check out these four ways to pledge your unity during the happiest day of your life!

First let’s talk about the tradition of the unity ceremony. Traditionally this has been candles and the mother of the bride and the mother of the groom bring the separate candles to a table at the altar. The individual candles symbolize the Bride and Groom and their separate lives and interests and then they unify and light one bigger candle to symbolize their new life starting together as one.

  1. Sand! This is a cool way to add some color to this wonderful tradition. The sand can match your wedding colors. The bride and groom each get their own individual color and then take turns pouring their sand into a larger vase.
  2. Cord of three strands: This unity ceremony is inspired by Ecclesiastes 4:12 “…A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.” The Bride and Groom braid the three strands of rope or string to make a woven cord. The bible verses can also be read before or during the ceremony as a way to make this tradition extra special.
  3. Drinks: This can be done a few different ways by combining wine or tea. It’s the same general idea the bride gets a white wine and groom gets a red wine and then it is combined and drank by the couple.
  4. Plant a Tree: This is the tradition that keeps on giving. Eco-friendly couple might plant a small tree together in place of the typical unity candle. To make it even more special you could get soil from a special place for each of you and then combine them together while planting the tree.

Whatever you choose to do to unify your marriage make it special for you and your groom. While your whole day should be about you, the ceremony is really a place where you should do whatever makes you happy and whatever makes you feel comfortable to commemorate your day!

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