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How to Smoothly Get Through Family Photos

We get it! It’s the happiest day of your life and you want to document it by getting a family photos with everyone. One with just mom, one with just dad, and you can’t forget your favorite cousin; but family photos can be hectic. Check out these tips on how to make this part of the day go as smoothly as possible.

  1. Have a meeting spot! Usually family pictures happen right after the ceremony, so if you plan on taking picture in the church or outside plan a meeting spot in advance. Along with the meeting spot pick a time. Right after the ceremony can be a little crazy; there’s lots of emotions and people trying to leave to get to the reception; so potentially plan to meet 10-15 mins after the ceremony ends to give everyone enough time to regroup.
  2. Make a list! Have a detailed list ready before the big day of all the family members you want to take photos with. Include the breakdown of names, how many family members and think logistically about who should go first (i.e. elderly grandparents) and the order it makes since for it to go in so people aren’t up and down and leaving mid way through and then you find out you need them again for a different photo.
  3. Check it Twice! Kind of like santa you will need to check your list twice. We recommend checking it the day before your wedding again just to make sure no one has been forgotten and no guest list changes have been made.
  4. Designate a family member. Designate someone to corral all the family members for the photos. Maybe even make sure this person has a microphone or stool; something to get everyone’s attention. It might also be smart to designate someone from each side of the family.
  5. Communicate! It’s awesome to have a plan. Making a list and designating a family member is a great start; but if no one knows the plan then it can still be hectic. Make sure you are communicating with everyone you want pictures with so they know the plan ahead of time and pictures can go smoothly.

We hope these tips help make your wedding day go a little smoother!

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