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Must Haves for Your Wedding Day Emergency Kit

There is no doubt that you will end up needing something you didn’t think you would need on your wedding day. It’s a super long day, there’s a lot going on and you are wanting to look your best; that’s why you need to prep your wedding day emergency kit early so you are prepared for any situation that your big day throws at you.

  1. A Sewing Kit: everything from sewing needles, scissors and especially saftety pins will come in handy on your wedding day. Trimming a lose thread and pinning undergarments are just a few of the wonderful things that this emergency kit essential can do for you.
  2. Snacks!! You will absolutely need some water and granola bars on hand. Again it is a long day and usually while your guests are at the cocktail hour munching on appetizers you and the rest of the bridal party are taking photos, so bring a light (non-messy) snack to tie you over.
  3. Tissues: This is a big day and you never known when the waterworks are going to start; so it’s super helpful to have a package of tissues on hand for those sentimental moments or even those laughing till you cry moments. You wouldn’t want to mess up your makeup!  
  4. Pain Relievers/Band Aids: Unfortunately migraines and headaches don’t stay away just because it’s your wedding day (wouldn’t that be great!), actually you might be more prone to getting them because of the nerves/stress of the day. Make sure you pack some tylenol and don’t forget the band aids; chances are you will be dancing the night away which can cause blisters.
  5. Mints: You’ve got to be ready for the big kiss! And even beyond the big kiss you will be talking to many many people that come from near and far to celebrate your big day with you so keep those mints on hand.

These are just a few of the items you don’t want to be caught without on your wedding day. I hope this list helps makes your day less stressful by knowing what to put in your wedding day emergency kit. Pack this kit early and then sitting back and enjoying the beautiful and treasured moments of celebrating with your new spouse, family and friends.

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