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Do You Need A Wedding Planner?

A lot of couples shy away from even considering getting a wedding planner for many reasons such as too pricey, wanting control over their wedding and thinking they/mom/maid of honor can handle it all. While these thoughts are totally understandable there are some misconceptions about hiring a wedding planner. There are some definite advantages to have another person in your corner when planning your wedding. Check out this list to help you determine if you should hire a wedding planner.

You Should Hire A Wedding Planner If:

  1. If you and your future spouse are very busy. Wedding planning is more of a commitment than most people think. And when I say commitment I mean a time commitment. We get it you work a full time job so it can hard to make the time to meet with the florist, the venue, the bakery, etc.. Hiring a wedding planner means they can go to some of these important appointments for you.
  2. You don’t have outside help. If your mother, soon to be mother-in-law or maid of honor is unable to help you plan it is definitely beneficial to hire some reinforcements. Taking on this huge task by yourself is near impossible and it’s very likely you will forget something if the burden is just on you to remember every single detail regarding your big day
  3. If you don’t have a plan for your wedding. Some people have been planning their wedding and adding to their pinterest boards for years but some maybe have never really thought about what kind of decor they would want or what food should be catered; if this is you maybe it’s best to hire a wedding planner to help give your wedding day some vision. They can provide you with tons of ideas that you may not have thought about before.
  4. Destination Wedding. This might be an obvious one but if you are not physically at the place of your wedding it can be hard to plan. Hiring an onsite wedding planner can help immensely when planning a destination wedding because they will actually be at the location to help coordinate all the logistics.

Misconceptions Debunked

  1. Too pricey. Yes wedding planners will cost you money just like other aspects of your special day will but there are many options and packages to consider when you are on a budget. Most wedding planners have a month of option to help you plan those day of logistics that can get overlooked like who’s bringing the decor, who’s cleaning up after the reception. Month of coordinators can help but a bow on your final planning preparations.
  2. I want full control over my wedding. Wedding planners want to make your dream a realtity; they don’t want to steal your show they just want to help create it. Wedding planners won’t tell you not to DIY your decor or to do a First Look when that’s totally not what you want. Wedding planner are there to help give you exactly what you want out of your day and to also help you think of aspects of your wedding you may not have been considering before.
  3. We got this. Your cousin just had a wedding and your mom is super organized so you don’t need a wedding planner because you got this. I totally get this mindset but the big downfall of doing it all yourself is that the day of your wedding you or your mom, cousin, maid of honor…whomever you have designated to be your “wedding planner” they then can’t let their hair down and have fun at your wedding. They will be the ones having to run to the store if you forgot something, figuring out who’s taking care of the gifts after having a little too much champagne and having to stay late to clean up after the reception. All this responsibility can have an affect on your relationship with this person and just overall is a lot more added stress on your big day.

Let us know if you decide to hire a wedding planner or if you did hire a wedding planner in the past and how that made an impact on your wedding day. I am sure that with or without a wedding planner your special day will still be all you ever wanted; but why not have that dream wedding without the added stress of planning it all yourself?

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