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5 Ways To Honor Mom On Your Wedding Day

Wedding days tend to put a lot of emphasis on dads; and although we love our dads it’s time to show our moms some love. Between the walk down the aisle and the father/daughter dance the mother of bride’s role can take a back seat. Check out these ways to incorporate your mom and honor her on your special day!

  1. Something Borrowed! We’ve all heard that bridal rhyme that says all the things you should have with you to bring you luck on your wedding day; one of those is something borrowed! This is a great way to have something of your mother’s up at the alter with you as you say I Do. From a piece of jewelry, their veil/piece of their dress, or a handkerchief around your bouquet this is a great way to honor mom.
  2. A Mother/Daughter Dance! Who says you have to just dance with dad? Get your mom up on the dance floor! Pick a song, could be a fun one, and take the time to have a special moment during your reception.
  3. A Special Gift! I’ve seen some adorable handkerchiefs with sweet messages to give to your mom to wipe her happy tears away. You could also give her a piece of jewelry to go with her mother of the bride dress!
  4. Walking Down the Aisle! Just like the dance…who says that mom can’t walk you down the aisle? You have two arms put mom on one side and dad on the other.
  5. Photos! Of course you will take photos with your mom on your wedding day, but take some time to think of an extra special photo that she will cherish. Maybe you could take a pictures of your rings with your grandmother included showing the three generations of women, recreate a picture from your parent’s wedding, or find a time to do a special first look moment as you get ready. Whatever it is think of a special photo that she will definitely want to frame!

Whatever you choose your mom will love that you took the time to think of her and honor her on your special day! Chances are your mom is probably even more excited for your wedding day then you are so it’s important to show her some love and appreciation.  

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