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Why You Should Make a List of Priorities

Let’s face it weddings are overwhelming; exciting and thrilling and magical, but overwhelming. Between the florist, caterer, DJ and photographer your head might be spinning and it’s easy to get caught up in the nitty gritty of signing contracts and writing checks that you forget about the magical parts of the day; the parts that make your heart flutter. One bride, Jana, says that the best advice she got was to write down a list of 3-5 priorities for your wedding and reference that every time you need to make a decision. Jana’s list included:

Bryan (her soon to be husband)




Maybe you have a similar list or maybe yours is totally different but either way after you decide your top 3-5 priorities all the rest of the things kind of fall away. You know what you are making a priority and you worry less about all the rest. Jana stuck that list to her computer monitor and referenced it constantly. Jana says, “I think our guests would say that our wedding was focused on us as a couple. Investing in Rachael as our photographer was a great decision, and the food was amazing thanks to Jordan our on-site coordinator at Allerton Park. We focused on our guests’ experience, we put a lot of work and money into our out-of-town guest bags, our rehearsal barbecue, and our Sunday brunch. We also brought in food for Saturday breakfast and lunch so no one had to leave the property and navigate an unfamiliar area. It was exactly what I wanted and I’m so glad I stuck to my priorities. And people still talk about how great the weekend was, so I’ll bask in those compliments forever.”

Making this list ensured that Jana and Bryan kept their priorities as a couple in the forefronts of their minds when making their wedding planning decisions, and it paid off! They had a great wedding that totally fit their personality and their guests had a wonderful time.

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