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Should You Have Your Wedding on a Holiday?

With the holiday season coming to an end and everyone getting back into the swing of work we thought it was only fitting to dive into the question “should I have my wedding on a holiday?” While your initial thought might be heck yea; you may want to consider some pros and cons before sending out your Save the Dates.

Pro: Usually during holidays people already have extended amount of time off work. This makes it nice when planning your wedding knowing that people will have some extra time to travel too and from the event.

Pro: Theme! It can also be nice having a built in theme for your wedding. Want to have a Christmas wedding? Then you don’t even have to think about decor. Red and green with some mistletoe and you are good to go!

Pro: Holiday weddings typically turn into a multi-day event. This can be great if there are people there you haven’t seen in a long time. Have it be multiple days means you get to spend time together and actually get to speak to the bride and groom…which sometimes doesn’t happen with regular weddings because it’s such a jam packed day.

Con: Holiday weddings typically turn into a multi-day event. Yes you aren’t seeing double. This can be a pro and a con. If you aren’t part of the family (or maybe even if you are) multiple days with people you barely know can be exhausting and not exactly the way you wanted to spend your holiday weekend.

Con: Cost! It is important to consider cost when planning your holiday wedding. Traveling can be more expensive; along with the cost of vendors. You have to think that although all of your family will be there you are taking someone else such as the DJ or photographer away from their family on a holiday so cost might be inflated to account for you wedding falling on a holiday.

Con: Some people just won’t want to spend their holiday at your wedding unfortunately. There are some holidays that definitely work such as Labor Day or Memorial Day where people have extended time off and it’s not a major holiday associated with long standing family traditions. However more prominent holidays such as Christmas or New Years you have may have some people reluctant to give up their holiday to attend your wedding.

Holidays weddings can seem like the perfect idea; especially when planning for a lot of people but it’s important to think about how your guests will feel about spend their holiday at your wedding and to consider all the logistics that go into it!

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