5 Ways to Keep the Kids Entertained at Your Wedding

Weddings can be long! Which can mean lots of time for fun for all your guests; but certain tiny guests might get bored after while if they don’t have some kid friendly activities to keep them entertained so their parents can continue dancing the night away with you.

  1. Games! If you are having an outside wedding the possibilities are endless for outside games. There are large lawn games such as Jenga and Connect 4 or more classic games such as twister or hula hoops. Games are good for inside weddings as well. Grab those old board games from the basement and dedicate a table at your reception for some board game fun..sure to keep the kids entertained for hours.
  2. Crafts! Really there doesn’t need to be any structure to this…just put some paper, glue, pipe cleaners and glitter on a table and watch the magic happen. You can also suggest making cards or designing their dream wedding cake.
  3. Food! Not necessarily an activity but I think we can all agree the kids are way happier when there is kid friendly food available. Ditch the salmon or chicken and get the kids some corn dogs and french fries. A hungry kid is not a happy kid.
  4. Entertainment! This might be a little pricey but if you know that a lot of children will be attending your wedding then it might be worth it to hire some child entertainment. A magician or face painter can keep the kids entertained for hours.
  5. Photobooth! This can even be made part of your craft area..have the kids make masks to wear in the photobooth! Provide hats, feather boas, and silly sayings on a stick. The kids are sure to have a great time.

Inviting kids to your wedding can be a little stressful knowing that their parents might not have as much fun as you hope they would; since they have to keep an on their children. Allow the adults to let loose by having designated activities for the children in their lives. The kids and the parents will definitely be thanking you for taking the time to ensure that everyone has a great experience at your wedding!

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