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5 Unique Wedding Favor Ideas

Between all the weddings I have done over the years I have seen so many cute and unique ideas for wedding favors to help commemorate your special day!  Wedding favors help your guests stay connected to your day long after the cake has been eaten and the music has stopped playing. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy or something that you spend a lot of money on but it’s a nice way to say, “thank you for coming!”

Flip-flops- Weddings are long..like really long! Between the ceremony, the cocktail hour and then the reception if you are in high heels the whole time there’s a good chance your feet are hurting by the end of the night. This can definitely have an effect on the fun that is had at your reception. If your guests know they can kick off their heels and put on those flip flops they may be more willing to stay and dance the night away! Obviously this more of a women friendly wedding favor so you may want to think of something to go along with the flip flops for the men; but nonetheless I think this a great idea to encourage people to let loose and have some fun at your reception!

5 Unique Wedding Favor Ideas

Koozies/Cups- You can never have enough koozies or cups in my opinion. These are a really adorable way for people to continue thinking about your wedding for years to come. You can put a cute saying/quote on there and include “Joe and Katie’s Wedding 9/20/2018” then every time someone uses their koozie or cup they think back to the great time they had at your wedding.

5 Unique Wedding Favor Ideas

A Sweet Treat- We have all seen those cute mints they say “Mint To Be” which don’t get me wrong those are great; but there are also some other unique ideas for a treat to send home with your guests. At a recent wedding Jennifer and Ryan gave their guests small bottles of maple syrup with a tag that said “Love is Sweet.” How cute!! Another cute idea is to center it around the season you are getting married in such as candy apples  in the fall! Really you can’t go wrong with having a sweet treat as your wedding favor; from candy to cookies your guests are sure to walk away happy with a treat they can eat on the way home from your special day.

5 Unique Wedding Favor Ideas
5 Unique Wedding Favor Ideas

Sunglasses- These are not only extremely practical for an outdoor summer wedding, but they also make for a great photo opportunity for your guests to all rock your personalized sunglasses. Not to mention I am always losing my sunglasses so it would definitely be handy to have a cheap pair of sunglasses you can just keep in your car after the wedding; your guests will thank you!

Photos- Having a photo booth is a great way to offer a fun activity and also let your guests take home something totally unique. Usually at the end of the photo strip there is an option to put the wedding date and your name so even though this is a personalized wedding favor it still has your wedding info on it. The guests will be able to look back at their photos and think of the the great time they had at your wedding.

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