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6 Ways to Honor Loved Ones On Your Wedding Day

Amid the happiness the follows saying yes to the love of your life it is only natural to feel a twinge of sadness that loved ones that have passed away won’t be there to help you celebrate your special day. There are so many unique ways to honor loved ones that have passed so they feel near and dear during the happiest day of your life. Below are a few of our favorites.

Save A Seat: Depending on how many people you are inviting and how much space you have at your chosen venue; a nice way to honor your loved ones is to save a seat for them during your ceremony. You can even include a reservation sign, a picture of that person, or even a rose on the seat to let everyone know is its saved for that person to attend the wedding from heaven. I really like this idea because as you look out among the guests at your wedding it is a nice reminder that you are honoring that loved one and that they are there in spirit.

Pin Photos to Your Bouquet: This is such a cute way to have your loved ones near and dear as you walk down the aisle. I love the idea of having some charms with pictures inside on your bouquet as way to honor those who have passed but also as a way to glam up your bouquet.

A Tribute on the Program: Add an “In Loving Memory” section onto your program along with the other details of the ceremony. I love this idea because the programs are something you will keep forever so unlike setting up a table that will get taken down at the end of the night; putting the names of the loved ones that have passed on the program ensures that it will be there forever as something to fondly look back on.

A Memorial Table: Reserve a special place at the ceremony, reception or both with pictures of loved ones that have passed. It’s a nice visual reminder throughout the night that they are with you; along with a good way for your guests to “meet” the people that have passed that mean so much to you.

6 Ways to Honor Loved Ones On Your Wedding Day

Something Borrowed/Something Blue: Have your something borrowed or something blue be something that person has given you or something of that person’s. Then you know when you say I do they are there with you too.

Light a Candle or a Lantern: Lighting a candle or lantern is a great ceremonious way to honor your loved one that has passed. It can be worked into the ceremony or simply be a on a memorial table at the reception.

Whatever way you choose to honor those who have passed; whether that’s in a ceremonious way like the lighting of a candle or more privately as charms on your bouquet, know that they are looking down and enjoying your special day with you.  

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