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Should You Have An Unplugged Wedding?

Between deciding the flowers, the venue, and live band vs. DJ there is now another common discussion that brides and grooms are having; and that is do we have an unplugged wedding or not? If you haven’t heard of this recent trend it is when the couple decides that they prefer that guests do not have their phones out taking pictures during the ceremony and/or reception.

PRO: A possible benefit of having an unplugged wedding is that your guests are more engaged. Without their phones your guests are able to interact more with other guests and immerse themselves in the whole experience. It is easy to get caught up in trying to catch every moment through the small viewfinder of your phone and not really see the beauty of the ceremony or the love in the couple’s eyes during their first dance.

PRO: Another benefit is keeping the field open for your photographer. While most people are respectful about taking pictures we have all heard horror stories of dear Aunt Barb running up in front of the photographer to get a picture of the couple’s grand entrance into the reception; while we know Aunt Barb has good intentions this can up-struck the photographer from getting the shot that the couple will sadly miss when they get their professional pictures back. There was a video that went viral recently of a photographer elbowing someone out of the way to get the first kiss photo during the ceremony. While we don’t necessarily agree with elbowing people; it is important for us to have a clear view of the bride and groom during those very important, once in a lifetime moments of the day.

CON: If your guests are not allowed to have their phones out to take photos this means that to get a picture of the bride and groom they maybe have to wait weeks for the professional photos to be ready and then spend money on them as well; some may not want to do this. This can make people feel like they were not really part of your day because they don’t have anything to look back and remember it by.

CON: Another recent trend is incorporating a wedding hashtag into your day. This can be conflicting for your guests if you have both an unplugged wedding but then are promoting people to use your hashtag. No one will be able to snag a photo of your first kiss and use the #kateandmattgethitched hashtag that took you months to think of if they can’t have their phones out.

Maybe you care about this recent trend and definitely want to have a 100% unplugged ceremony and reception or maybe you don’t care at all and want people to take as many pictures as their heart desires; or it’s possible you are somewhere in the middle. Either way it is your choice as the bride and groom to decide what is right for you. Regardless of much technology you want to incorporate into your wedding it will still be a special day because you decided to have it the way YOU want it.   

Should You Have An Unplugged Wedding? Check out these tips to help you decide!

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