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Announcing: The Spark Retreat

I believe everyone deserves to have their story told with authenticity and grace. I believe that the beauty of life is found in the in-between moments. I believe in celebrating love.

I believe in both lots of hustle and lots of play, in pursuing excellence for myself and empowering other creative entrepreneurs. I believe that your business should be built in a way that enables you to live your life – not in a way that has it dictating the terms of your life.

And I believe that launching & running a successful photography business isn’t as complicated as it seems.

That’s why I, along with my dear friends, Caitlin and Luke Photography, am incredibly excited to be announcing a brand new WORKSHOP!

In April, the three of us will be hosting and teaching The Spark Retreat, a workshop just for wedding photographers.

The Spark Retreat is designed to do just what the name implies:  revive your creativity, spark a vision for your business and equip you with the tools you need to be profitable.

We’ll be covering it all – from the ground up! From how to successfully run a wedding day to blogging & SEO skills to social media management, from interacting & working with a couple to the legal and financial components of running a business.

The best part? Each attendee will have a personalized, one-on-one mentoring session with one of us, there will be dedicated Q&A time, and we are planning, not one, but TWO gorgeous styled shoots. We can also promise lots of coffee, some brand new friends, and beautiful conversations.

The goal of the Spark Retreat is to ensure that you, as a wedding photographer, walk away with the business knowledge you need, in order to allow you to focus on the art of photography moving forward. We believe that there is as much beauty and art to be found in launching and running a thriving, profitable business as there is in composing gorgeous photographs – and we want to give you the tools to make your business work for you.

Head on over to the website find ALL the details about this brand new adventure! 

We would LOVE to have you join us at the stunning, historic Vrooman Mansion in April of 2018!!

Our early bird discount ends on 12/31/17, and seats are SUPER limited – so don’t wait to sign up!!

Hope to see you there!!



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 I’m all about preserving those moments that tell your story.

Whether it’s four feet ankle-deep in mud, tenderly clasped hands, a happy tear cascading over a cheek, a hair-back laugh or a sun-drenched kiss,

The ones that move you. Bind you. Bring you together and keep you together long after the memory fades.